Guillain-Barré syndrome: what is the disease that has affected the former pornstar Jenna Jameson

The onset of the disease was hypothesized by doctors at her hospitalization at the Honolulu hospital, where model and former porn star Jenna Jameson, 47, lives with her partner Lior Bitton and daughter Batel Lu, 4. This was announced via Instagram Lior and then Jenna herself, posting a video from the hospital on her Instagram profile in which she tells what is happening to her and thanks all those who are supporting her with wishes and prayers.

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Subjected to a series of tests and examinations for a diagnosis as accurate as possible, Jenna experienced the first symptoms a few days ago, when she fell on her way to the bathroom due to sudden weakness in her leg muscles. Helped by her partner, over time Jenna felt her legs weaker and weaker, to the point of being unable to walk or stand up.

At the hospital, doctors speculated that it could be a symptom associated with Guillain-Barré syndrome a pathology whose origin has not yet been identified with absolute certainty, but which is currently counted among the immune-mediated polyneuropathies since most of the studies conducted to date lead to the belief that the cause is autoimmune.

As specified by IRCCS Humanitas, the Guillain-Barré syndrome “is the most frequent form of acquired polyneuropathy due to a wound rapidly progressive of the nerve which most often is due to one demyelination (loss of the myelin sheaths that line nerve fibers). This disease is believed to be caused by one immune response versus molecules of the nerve, which is triggered by a previous one infection against which are produced antibodies which also recognize nerve molecules similar to those of the infecting agent “.

Guillain-Barré syndrome, what are the symptoms

The main symptoms are characterized by a “sensation of weakness which usually begins in the legs and then progresses to the arms. More than half of those affected by this pathology have facial and oropharyngeal muscle weakness and about 20% must be intubated due to respiratory failure “.
Other symptoms often present: fluctuations from the pressure arterial, cardiac arrhythmias, modification of ocular motility with double vision. The onset of the disease is rapid and this pathology can evolve in a few days a paralysis total e respiratory failure. The mortality rate is about 5%).

Which therapy?

The treatment of Guillain-Barré syndrome requires constant monitoring of vital functions. During the acute phase it is essential to make sure that the respiratory function is preserved and evaluate any assisted breathing. Furthermore, the patient must always be properly hydrated and attention must be paid to any trauma or compressions of the paralyzed limbs in the bed even by the same sheets and blankets. It is essential to practice passive joint movements and, as soon as possible, active exercises on the patient, right from the start.
Recovery usually begins within 4-8 weeks but can last several months and sometimes results remain. The timeliness of the therapeutic intervention is fundamental for a good recovery.

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