Guille Tokman, the influencer who spreads her passion for board games on social networks

Guillermina Tokman has been passionate about board games since she was a girl. She today she has more than a hundred. She always shared that taste with friends, but one day she decided to capture it in a TikTok video. Her repercussion was such that her personal account ended up becoming a “gamers” blog. She makes reviews there and also gives ideas to have fun with what we have at home.

The young Rosario spoke of her passion, reflected on the importance of the game and the meaning that an account referring to this universe has such a scope. In addition, she recommended some for the holidays.

Guillermina assured that the passion for games is something very genuine in her personality: “It comes from childhood. My parents listened to me, encouraged this taste, fostered interest and sat down to play with me.”

“It occurred to me to make a TikTok of five board games for previews and roasts with your friends because it’s something I do in my life”, affirms the influencer.

Guillermina and her followers formed a kind of community that fed back. It is that her users also recommend games that she later shares.

In closing, he remarked that the games can be applied in all areas: “Teachers to grandparents who play with their grandchildren have written to me and are surprised that the children leave their cell phones behind.”

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