Guns N’ Roses and the epic soundtracks in which they have participated

Throughout their career, Guns N’ Roses has participated in the soundtracks of different films. Photo: Facebook Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Rosesis undoubtedly one of the legends in the world of hard-rock and the heavy-metalthe group that emerged from the streets of Los Angeles, is a musical benchmark whose commercial success has not been reflected only in its seven studio albums (counting the 2004 hits compilation), nor in its presentations in different countries, but his songs have transcended to other entertainment platforms.

the world of Cinema and the set consisting of Dizzy Reed, Duff McKagan, Slash and Axl Rosehave had a rather peculiar relationship over more than three decades, since some of their singles have been included in the soundtrack of some tapes, including some authentic blockbusters.

For this and, while we wait for the return of the group with the ‘We’re f’n’ Back’ Tour to Mexico next October, just after having closed the first day of Vive Latino in 2020, before the confinement of the pandemic; in the barracks of the rock clubwe took on the task of making a brief list with some of the movies that have included GNR in their soundtracks and scenes.

Metal Lords – Since I Don’t Have You

The new Netflix film directed by Peter Sollet and which featured Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine as Executive Music Producerhas been well received by metalheads around the world.

Its success goes beyond the protagonists Isis Hainsworth, Adrian Greensmith and Jaeden Martellwho with their madness reminded us of various anecdotes, but the soundtrack was the trigger and icing on the cake of this film that is shaping up to become a cult one.

In it we hear Mastodon, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Judas Priest and Motorhead, among others. However, I could not miss Guns N’ Roseswhich musicalized one of the most dramatic scenes of the film, with Since I Don’t Have You.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – Welcome to the Jungle

The sequel to the hit of the 90’s, Jumanjiwhich featured Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Karen Gillian, Kevin Hart and fellow metamer Jack Blackhit theaters at the end of 2017 by the director Jake Casdan.

Just as it happened in its first installment, the protagonists faced the challenges imposed by JumanjiNevertheless, this time they are taken to the bowels of the jungle within the game.

Welcome to the Jungleperhaps the most outstanding single in the repertoire of Guns N’ Rosescould not be better for this tape, as presented in the official trailer.

Rock of Ages – Paradise City

The film adaptation from the Broadway musical by Chris D’Arienzotells us the story of Sherrie Christianpersonified by julianne hough, who seeks to become a famous singer in Los Angeles. Although upon arrival in the city, her suitcase with all her records is stolen, which unleashes a series of events that will shape to one of the tapes that has stood out in Pop Culturejust because of its soundtrack.

Guns N’ Roses is part of the soundtrack -obviously because Los Angeles-, and although his participation is based on the interpretation of Tom Cruisewho gives life to Stacee Jaxxa rock star, Paradise City could not have fit better for the beginning of the film.

Warm Bodies – Patience

known as My boyfriend is a zombie in Mexico, the film based on the novel by Issac Marion and directed by Jonathan Levine with Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Houltjust as the relationship between a girl and a zombie tells us, just after the zombie apocalypse, excuse the redundancy.

The soundtrack has names of the stature of Bruce Springsteen, The Black Keys and Bob Dylanbut, one of the most intimate scenes between Julie and R. (the zombie), is accompanied by patience from Guns N’ Roses.

End of Days – Oh My God

released under the hype of the presumed apocalypse back in late 1999, End of daysstarring arnold schwarzenegger and directed by peter hyamstells us the story of the girl who will presumably father the antichristright on New Year’s Eve and the arrival of the new millennium.

The tape based on some predictions, as well as the classic Terror, The prophecy, is full of action while Jericho Cane (schwarzenegger) tries to save Christine York (robin tunney) of the Devil himself, embodied by the actor gabriel byrnewho curiously that same year played a Father in the film Stigmata.

The soundtrack was full of artists who were in the top positions of popularity in those days, such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Powerman 5000 and even Rob Zombie. Axl Rose and company participated with the single: oh my god.

Days of Thunder – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Cover)

Thunder days is one of the most popular films in the career of Tom Cruiseas well as one in which he shared credits with his former wife, Nicole Kidmanas well as the participation of Randy Quaid and of the legend, Robert Duvall.

Although this film, which is a true icon regarding the first part of the 90s, had the original score of hans zimmeralso participated in the musicalization Chicago, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Tina Turner, Cher and even Elton John.

But it was Guns N’ Roses who took the palms with the cover of bob dylan, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Doorsince they even had a promotional video with scenes from the movie based on a Cole Tricklea broker nascar.

The Wrestler-Sweet Child O’Mine

This Cult film, directed by Darren Aronofsky with Marisa Tomei Y Mickey Rourke at the head of the cast, tells us the story of Randy “The Ram” Robinsona fighter who, after his great success in the 80s, finds himself dealing with the end of his career and loneliness after leaving his family due to fighting and his excesses.

While we see a harsh reality of the world of Lucha Libre, the film that led to Tomei and Rourke to be nominated for an Oscar, for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actorrespectively, is steeped in the culture and music of the 1980s. Ratt, Scorpions, Accept, Madonna and even Bruce Springsteenwho wrote and performed the song originally and exclusively for the film.

One of the most recognized successes of slash and company, Sweet Child O’Minegave the entrance to the ring to Ram at his most prominent moment in the film. The trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder is also set to music by this song.

Interview with the Vampire – Sympathy for the Devil (Cover)

Perhaps the jewel of the Tom Cruise film trilogy in which GNR was part of the soundtrack. The adaptation of the famous novel by Anne Ricedirected by Neil Jordan and that also featured Brad Pitt and the debut of Kirsten Dunst in the cast, it also became a cult object, for moviegoers and even for some goths, who obviously had some reservations about the film.

However, just that closure, literally listening to the interview with the vampire, and the magnificent return of lestatcould not be better with that cover of Sympathy for the Devil from The Rolling Stonesin charge of guns n roses.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day – You Could Be Mine

The movie of james cameron took to the Science fiction and to cyberpunk just to the next level and even laid a lot of the groundwork in Pop Culture for what time travel would be, if it were even possible, as well as the capabilities of the Artificial intelligencethat curiously, we live in a certain way in our days.

Regardless of that, Guns N’ Roses gave this movie a musical anthem that, despite the passing of the years, is in the Top 5 of Science Fiction of all time.

It should be noted that the video, which included the participation of the very arnold schwarzeneggerit was a bomb, yesespecially at the time when music videos weighed heavily in terms of how to sell records.

You Could Be Minewhich was the debut single from Wear Your Illusion IIshowed to Guns N’ Roses in its heyday, who were chosen by schwarzenegger, because in an action sequence, a shotgun and roses appear, or so it is said. The rest is history.

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