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The official photo of the new President of Colombia it is one of the traditions that those who reach that dignity must comply with, since it is the image that will be found in all public dependencies. and the new president Gustavo Petro he took it very seriously.

After an intense one-hour flight by plane, another helicopter tour and a walk of more than 40 minutes through an inhospitable area, the new president, Gustavo Petro, photographer Mauricio Velez and a logistics team found a beautiful place in Crystal Spouton the Serrania de la Macarenain the department of Goalto take the photo of the official image of the country’s president.

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“He wanted something different”, recognizes Vélez, who gave him the exclusive of that photograph to EL TIEMPO.

Gustavo Petro Official Photo

President Petro chose Caño Cristales for his official image.

“After winning the elections we began to plan the next step of the inauguration, but we had to have the official image of the President of the Republic, who is part of all the lines of command in all the military battalions, where it is taken into account from of today”, recalled Vélez.

“The President automatically thought that he wanted to do it in a supremely powerful natural site and that was Caño Cristales, because it is a place that he has a lot of affection for and reflects the nature. It seeks to motivate everyone to get to know that unique space, ”says Mauricio Vélez, who shot his camera many times on August 3 to achieve the desired concept.

“It is a photo that does not use the traditional war flag, to promote a new idea of ​​peace and union,” concluded the author of the image.

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