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“The Historical Pact -which developed an agreement that has to do with these issues, an ethics protocol-, must begin to act, hopefully before it becomes a government. You need to start taking action and thoroughly research this topic for better or worse“.

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The words are from the pre-candidate for the presidency of the Historical Pact Gustavo Petro, when, in the middle of the debate of EL TIEMPO and Semana with his coalition He was asked about the situation of former senator Piedad Córdoba, her file for the Senate.

Red Room

In the Red Room of the Tequendama hotel, Piedad Córdoba made her commitment to Gustavo Petro official. Senator Iván Cepeda and other representatives of the Historical Pact attended the event.


Gustavo Petro’s campaign team.

The data released like this, immediately, that I can no longer assess, are serious, they are serious indications (…) I am not going to prejudge at this time (…)”.

And Petro added: “The data released like this, immediately, that I can no longer assess, are serious, they are serious indications (…) I am not going to prejudge at this time, but the Historical Pact must activate its mechanism of ethical controls, put them to the test, facing the country”.

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TIME established that, immediately, Jaime Dussán (official representative of the Polo Democrático in the Historical Pact), quoted his peers from the Patriotic Union (Aida Abella and Gabriel Becerra); Human Colombia (Dagoberto Quiroga); ADA, Paulino Riascos; and Mais, Martha Peralta.

immediate meeting

Jaime Dussan

“In the Historical Covenant there is no Ethics Committee as such, but some rules and ethics criteria were agreed upon that are the same as those of the Constitution and the law, where convicted and prosecuted for some crimes are vetoed, except for politicians. In principle, they all complied,” Dussán explained to EL TIEMPO.

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And he explained that, after the candidate mentioned the issue in the debate on EL TIEMPO and Semana, he summoned the Political Committee of the Historical Pact to listen to the now candidate for the Senate to make decisions.

‘serious incidents’

According to Dussan, Although Petro himself gave free rein to Piedad Córdoba’s candidacy, she was registered by the Patriotic Union.

And when asked what Petro knows about the subject and what he has told them, Dussán explained that it was in the debate the first time the case was brought up. In this sense, the spokesmen of the Patriotic Union will be asked to review the issue and take it to the Political Committee for evaluation.

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“Today (Wednesday) we have a meeting at the Registrar’s Office (with the electoral guarantees commission), and at 5 pm we will meet for the case of the candidate Piedad Córdoba”, explained Dussán.

Alvaro Cordoba Ruiz

Álvaro Córdoba Ruiz, captured for extradition purposes.

EL TIEMPO established that Petro has been informed of both the investigation carried out by the Supreme Court of Justice regarding Córdoba, as well as additional information that is even managed by United States authorities and that EL TIEMPO has been publishing since 2020.

These are supposed money orders that came from Caracas and that Córdoba would have used in his campaigns and on other issues. In this regard, there is talk of the juicy payment of commissions for serving as an intermediary for the collection of debts to businessmen of different hair that the Venezuelan regime had.

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Although there would be no crime in those collections, it is wanted to establish if at that time Córdoba He had restrictions because he was a congressman and the way he would have introduced the money to the country.

piety cordoba

Piedad Córdoba admits that she met Álex Saab but is emphatic that she did not introduce him to Hugo Chávez or Nicolás Maduro.

What does the Pole say?

His case is joined by that of his brother, Álvaro Córdoba, captured a month ago for extradition purposes, for alleged links with the dissidence of ‘Gentil Duarte’.

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So far, the candidate Piedad Córdoba has not commented on Petro’s claims. But he has emphatically denied the accusations and trials, which he attributes to a setup against him and political persecution..

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The first step in the review of the case, at least politically, must now be taken by the Patriotic Union. This newspaper called Gabriel Becerra to know the process that will follow and the times, but it has not yet been possible.


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