Gustavo Puerta in the sights of the Premier League | Colombia selection

Without a doubt, the South American U-20 tournament will be ideal for the world’s great clubs to follow in the footsteps of young blood and try to close important signings to think about the future. The Premier League has already set its eyes, especially on the Argentine team. Before the tournament began in Colombia, Facundo Buonanotte signed with Brighton & Hove Albion. Máximo Perrone also became a new Manchester City footballer.

But Argentina is not the only team that has been under the review of the greats of the world. Colombia has also had offers, for example with Daniel Pedrozo, a central defender who attracts attention in the United Arab Emirates. Jhon Jáder Durán received the call-up and signed with Aston Villa, and other clubs want the Colombian captain.

Gustavo Puerta, captain of the Colombian National Team and a long journey with Bogotá FC is one of the fundamental pieces of the national team, and as if that were not enough, he was decisive with the partnership he had with Óscar Cortés to give him the two assists in his two goals to beat Peru by turning the game back. And it is that, with the experience that he has had in the capital club and with the training in the South American, he has raised the interest of the big leagues, and one of them is the Premier League.

Ferney Perdomo, president of Bogotá, spoke with El Carrusel Caracol and confirmed that offers from a Premier League club have indeed arrived at the offices in the capital, and other leagues have been knocking on Gustavo’s doors to try to sign him soon. Without a doubt, the good South American of him has made them look at him. In the first instance, he referred to the good tournament he is doing, “happy with what this boy has contributed to the National Team. For us it is not a surprise because we already know his conditions. Good time for Bogotá and the National Team” .

In addition, he commented that they have already begun to be interested in the midfielder of the Colombian National Team, what’s more, it seems that there are very serious offers from the United States. However, in Europe they also want Gustavo Puerta, “there are intentions from various businessmen, teams, but nothing concrete. We are optimistic that the boy can go to a team where he can continue his career (…) We have had very serious meetings with businessmen from England (Premier League) ”. The South American will be essential for Gustavo, captain and leader of the national team.

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