Guzmán is a substitute in Chivas, they uncover the anger for which the DT does not put him

The anger for which Paunovic does not put Guzmán
The anger for which Paunovic does not put Guzmán

Chivas de Guadalajara surprises because he does not put his players who arrived as reinforcements, especially the case of Victor Guzman He is the one who draws attention because he already has an official contract, he has already passed the medical exams, and the book on the subject of doping, he is ready to play but only the Guadalajara coach says that it is not yet the time for the midfielder to have the conditions to go out.

In this sense, the fan claims that the presence of Pocho could be an alternative to have a better performance on the field of play, he could even play in the position left by Alexis Vega due to his injury but the coach is reluctant to put him and The one in that area is the player Carlos Cisneros, according to ESPN.

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The excuse of the DT of Chivas for not putting Guzmán

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But the problem would lie in a dressing room mess, which the coach of the Chivasthe serbian Veljko Paunovic He cannot solve it and that the coach is complicated, all because the Mexican athlete does not comply with him from the professional side. According to the report by Líderes del Rebaño, the case would involve the adaptation of DT to Mexican soccer and his ways of treating the player.

Is that why the DT does not put Guzmán?

Yes, in fact this is the inconvenience that is generated from the Chivas dressing room, all because the strategist, still used to the rhythm of Europe and the conditions that the player has there, tries to apply the same logic in Guadalajara. But in Mexico, said behavior of the players is not the same, which is why it was difficult for the Serbian coach and in the case of Guzmán as well. In fact, the DT even respected hierarchies, for which reason its operation and what it does with reinforcements have been questioned.

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