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A paid cheat dispenser announced that it will stop selling “services” related to Battlefield 2042. Good news, except that one of the reasons for this decision is that the “game is dying“In practice, the number of active users is so small that even offering paid cheats is no longer profitable.

This peculiar case was shared by the well-known insider Tom Henderson who on Twitter published a screenshot of the announcement of the aforementioned hacker, known on Discord as Panfyero, where he communicates the end of the cheating services for Battlefield 2042.

The hacker explains that the reasons for this decision are that the game currently suffers from performance issues that do not allow cheats to function properly and that most customers have stopped using their subscriptions because Battlefield 2042 “is dying”.

Consequently, those who have a subscription will not be able to renew it upon expiration, while those who have a lifetime subscription can decide to change it for any game in the Call of Duty series.

As reported yesterday, the number of Battlefield 2042 players continues to drop rapidly, so much so that on Steam it is even surpassed by Battlefield 1 and V in terms of active users. Furthermore, Valve is granting refunds to those who bought the game on Steam, precisely because of the sudden drop in users.

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