Hackers Hacked Apex Legends to Save the Original Titanfall


Apex Legends Battle Royale has been hacked by unknown hackers to demand Respawn developers rescue the original Titanfall. The authors allegedly ignore the issue that made the 2014 shooter unplayable.

Apex Legends has a new model that is a link to All other modes were almost inaccessible, and those who did manage to complete the match saw an “important message” with a link to the same site.

Respawn acknowledged the problem and soon restored matchmaking to work. Players and the media point out that the hack affected servers on both PC and consoles.


The authors of the website said they are in no way associated with the recent Apex Legends hack. The site is dedicated to an issue that Titanfall players have been asking Respawn to fix for over three years.

” Currently Titanfall unplayable on the PC because of hacker attacks and exploits that do not allow players to play the game. This issue has been around for years, and Respawn willingly pretends not to be aware of the situation. To this day, Titanfall is still available on Origin , and just recently started selling on Steam , although it is not playable . “

According to the authors of the site, the developers from Respawn were repeatedly contacted in various ways, even directly, but as soon as the topic of the situation with hackers and the unplayability of the original Titanfall was raised, they stopped responding.

“ Selling a game that doesn’t work as advertised, without fixing various problems and ignoring your customers, is an act of fraud.

This leaves no doubt that Respawn is actively ignoring this topic. Respawn and EA have the resources to address these issues, but they don’t, deliberately continuing to sell a game that doesn’t work as advertised and doesn’t work at all. “

On Steam, you can read the recent extremely negative Titanfall reviews, in which players massively complain about the servers not working.

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