Hailey Badwin, his wife, clarifies pregnancy rumors

For some time we have heard about Justin Bieber’s wishes to become a father; however, he himself has made it clear that it will be when his wife, hailey, feel ready to be pregnant, because it respects the fact that the ones who carry the weight are women.

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The truth is that the rumor has been heard repeatedly that the model is pregnant, but some time later that speculation is denied. This time the same thing happened Justin’s wife has had to use her social networks to clarify various issues in which the pregnancy rumor stands out and your current state of health.

She clarified that what is really happening and the reason why they think she is expecting her first baby is because “a cyst the size of an apple” that you have in your body. Clarification that he made with a photograph of her in the mirror where you can see her inflamed belly. “I don’t have endometriosis, I don’t have polycystic ovary syndrome, but i have had cysts a few times and it has never been fun”, revealed Hailey.

He quickly took advantage of the situation to clarify that he was not expecting his first child: “It is not a baby. It’s painful and it makes me feel nauseated and bloated and cramped and sentimental.. But whatever, I’m sure most of you can relate. We can with this ”, completed the supermodel, revealing how she is currently.

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The businesswoman recently celebrated her 26th birthday with her husband and best friend, Kendall Jenner. It was the singer who through his Instagram profile expressed all his love to his wifeshowing how in love they are and how they enjoyed that date with nature.

Undoubtedly, both have had to face several difficult circumstances in life and that has led them to be one of the most stable couples in entertainment today. “Happy birthday (in Japan) to my favorite human being. Kisses, you make life magic, obsessed with everything about you”, commented the Canadian musician in a photograph he has with his wife.

Kendall, meanwhile, has been considered one of the model’s best friends, so much so that she was the one who also accompanied Hailey to celebrate this new year of life. The three of them were in Tokyo, together with the birthday girl, doing all the activities she wanted. And it is that it is no secret to anyone that both have had a great friendship for years, because being in the same environment as businesswomen and models has led them to strengthen their relationship as friends day by day.

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For now, The truth is that Baldwin is always by her husband’s sideto accompany him in the different processes regarding his health, as we remember that the singer had to cancel his world tour due to the delicate state of health that he presented in the last ‘shows’, which led him to take a break, The same that has been accompanied by Hailey who at the beginning of the year also had a strong health crisis.

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