Hailey Bieber bets on summer’s most controversial shoe trend

Days after her husband was criticized for wearing pants to a beautiful event, hailey bieber Proving once again that carelessness can be seen as FA-BU-LO-SO.

While sipping what looked like frozen yogurt with friends, the Rhode founder wore a crop top, black sports shorts, and an oversized hoodie that could have been borrowed from Justin Bieber’s wardrobe (okay, maybe the crop top. No). She also paired tube socks with sandals. However, unlike most middle-aged men, his flip-flops were transparent, jelly orange.

before you judge hailey bieber To re-adopt this controversial shoe trendKeep in mind that the biggest drawback of these high shoes (besides their noise) is the possibility of tearing, sweat, and blisters. Hailey has places to go and people to see. If you want to protect your feet with socks while eating dessert, do so.

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Although she knows how to show off when needed, Ms. Bieber loves the moment sportyLike the times he crossed his limits wrong shoe theory, combining training shorts with a soccer jersey and high heels. She is also known for wearing see-through dresses and sneakers instead of cute Keds or collectible sneakers. it’s what it takes tennis with tube socks,

Perhaps after a year of barbiecore and a decade of athleisure, fashion is moving in a dress-down direction. or maybe hailey bieber There’s no reason for her to rock a red carpet look whenever she leaves the house, which is fair! We’ll know something is wrong when he starts wearing a yellow hoodie, cap, and Crocs.

Article originally published by Glamor US, glamour.com, adapted by Paola Zamarripa.

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