Hailey Bieber joins the ‘no-pants’ trend in New York

    The ‘celebrities’ love to sign up for the new ‘fashion’ trends as much as we like to comment on it. So, since show the thong in their ‘outfits’, as we could already see Dua Lipa or Kourtney Kardashian doing, even the pants with the lowest shot we’ve seen, going through the mini bikinis that cut the hiccups to whoever sees them -us included-, the ‘ it-girls’ know how to attract our attention. And, if we have to think of one of the most replicated fashion trends and that is attracting the most followers, it is that of ‘no-pants’ (or just go with the top and tights, as Ariana Grande was already doing when we began to fall in love with her modern princess ‘looks’). The last to join has been Hailey Bieber, who knows the trends and applies them in her day to day.

    If there are a couple of ‘besties’ that have stolen our hearts; those are Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, whom we have seen on numerous occasions pose together both on red carpets and on social media. In this way, there is nothing we like more about her than their sets, in which they use and show off the best of the faces of fashion trends what we have seen so far. And, if a ‘look’ stole our hearts and made us want to recreate it to be the most ‘cool’ in our group of friends, it was that of Kendall with dark stockings and a black sweater (that we have even seen her little sister, Kylie) and nothing else -yes, we are sure that we have nothing left-.

    Now, one of her best friends (said by themselves), Hailey Bieber, has taken to the streets of New York with an ‘outfit’ that clearly reminds us of Kendall and that we are already looking forward to having. Accompanied by her new bob haircut, the ‘influencer’ has stolen all eyes with a leather jacket, over a sweater with a ‘V’ neck. To finish the ‘look’, Alec Baldwin’s daughter has chosen black moccasins and white socks to give them contrast, while she wears translucent stockings. The last of the accessories is a pair of rectangular cut ’90s-inspired sunglasses (reminding us how little is left for summer 2023, Yay!).

    hailey bieber tights

    Getty Images

    hailey bieber tights

    Getty Images

    And so that you can see that it is not a joke and that Kendall Jenner herself first claimed this fashion trend, we leave you the photo he shared on Instagram in which he combined the ‘look’ with opaque black stockingsunlike Hailey’s translucent ones.

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