Hailey Bieber teaches the perfect mini dress for girls with small chests

    Who hasn’t wanted an option to wear to an event and couldn’t get hold of it because they have little chest? It has happened to us and we have had to adjust it to our measure. However, in recent years we have seen the options with which we can all access those garments that we have always wanted to have on hand grow. And a lot has to do with the ‘influencers’ and ‘celebrities’ that we follow in networks and that we cannot love more. The fact that models like Ashley Graham or Kendall Jenner herself claim that bodies don’t have to be the same has led more brands to opt for different sizes and measurements. And another example of this is Hailey Bieber in her dress to celebrate Easterwhich is perfect for girls with small chest.

    The ‘celebrities’ have joined the ‘trend’ of the moment to show themselves natural on social networks. With some showing the real texture of their skin like Lady Gaga or Heidi Klum and others showing the reality of being a mother like Ashley Graham or Kim Kardashian with North West on TikTok; our ‘for you’ sections on TikTok and Instagram are obsessing us. Likewise, many have decided to show their curves and necklines without complexes, while others do so with their small chests and their fans thank them.

    Hailey Bieber has had a difficult few weeks on social networks for the salseo that he has had with Selena Gómez and her friend, Kylie Jenner. Now that everything has been clarified and that the comments of the ‘haters’ -which she has already shown publicly and from which the ‘Naturally’ singer has defended- have ceased; the ‘celeb’ has put her maximum potential into showing her ‘outfits’ of ‘street style’. The last ‘look’ of her is the most and we give you all the details.

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    It’s about a mini dress in cream color with two floral pieces on the chest and a very wide neckline. It is signed by Magda Butrym and the style that it gives is ‘to die for’. We love the little bunny ears that she has combined it with!

    And don’t worry, we are going to give you a somewhat more affordable option so that, if you have a small chest, you will be a hit wherever you go. NOW!


    Short white dress with strapless neckline

    Álvaro Alonso is a current affairs and ‘celebrities’ editor at Cosmopolitan and an expert on celebrities and Y2K culture for several years.

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