Hailey Bieber’s critics have seized on Justin’s ’embarrassing’ comment that she ‘made it official’ over photo amid ‘marriage problems’.

Fans have criticized Justin Bieber for leaving questionable comments on his wife’s recent Instagram post.

Hailey Bieber, 26, took to the stage in late October with a photo carousel, which featured her photoshoot for La Repubblica newspaper.

Critics have called out singer Justin Bieber for ’embarrassing’ and ‘creepy’ comments on his wife’s Instagram post.Credit: Getty
Amid rumors that the two are struggling in their marriage, Justin sarcastically wrote that he is ‘finished’ with Hailey Bieber.Credit: Instagram

The post shows the model posing in some eye-catching outfits, as she opted to go braless in a cashmere mini dress, a cutout bodysuit and a sequin dress.

Among the many comments, Justin, 29, was definitely commenting on his wife’s photos.

“Okay, now I’m officially over you,” the Peaches singer wrote.

The comments come as the two have recently been facing divorce and pregnancy rumors, especially over the past few weeks.

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One person on Reddit shared a screenshot of Justin’s comment and said: “LMFAOO why Justin’s comment brought tears to my eyes, I read it so sarcastically it came to my mind.”

Another chimed in: “I literally thought he was a hater before I saw his name.”

A third said: “This is so scary.”

A fourth theory said, “It’s pretty obvious that she’s the one commenting using her account. If not, that’s a really embarrassing compliment from a husband.”

Others agreed that Hailey may have written the comment, while one believed it could have been Justin’s assistant using her phone.

One user responded, “We know he’s on Hailey’s account. But why would she post something like that? To troll? When she knows people are talking about their divorce.”

Heading towards divorce?

On September 13, 2018, Hailey and Justin tied the knot during a courthouse wedding in New York City.

This year, Hailey and Justin celebrated five years of marriage as divorce rumors once again began circulating on the internet.

Over the summer, fans were concerned about their wedding after seeing a description in one of Hailey’s social media posts.

The Rode founder shared a carousel of photos, which showed moments from his life at that time; Including a photo of her holding a cherry, her dog, and a video of fireworks.

When Justin didn’t make the cut in any of the photos, some people thought Hailey’s post was “messed up.”

In the comments section, a concerned follower wrote: “Why is she active in posting photos on Instagram and Justin hasn’t posted anything in 2 months, is he okay??

“And she hasn’t even posted any pictures with Justin, doesn’t your husband love you?”

However, Hailey quickly shut down the speculation by posting a photo of herself, Justin, and their friends.

The post shows Hailey and Justin getting closer to each other.

fan theory

The Internet has continued to spew conspiracy theories on the topic.

A theory circulating on TikTok claims that Justin, who is originally from Canada, and Hailey only got married so she could live in the United States.

Producer @pattypopculture speculated that Justin’s work visa was set to expire in 2018, and because of the 2014 criminal charges — he pleaded guilty to reduced charges of misdemeanor aggravated driving, reckless driving, and resisting arrest — he would be eligible for a new one. Was not able to apply for visa.

Instead, he married to stay until he could apply for independent permanent citizenship.

Some fans believe that Justin asked his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez to marry him first, but when she refused, they broke up and he married Hailey a few months later.

However, the rumor has not been confirmed.

Some fans believe Hailey or her assistant may have written the comment from Justin’s phoneCredit: Instagram/HaileyBieber
Hailey and Justin married in September 2018 and have been at the center of divorce and pregnancy rumors this yearCredit: Instagram/HaileyBieber
Some expressed concern over the couple’s marriage when they noticed Justin was missing from Hailey’s ‘Life Lately’ posts on Instagram over the summer.Credit: Instagram/Justin Bieber

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