Hailey Bieber’s ‘Pantless’ Outfit Is Going Viral for Its Reference

What will happen rory gilmore wear and tear? Ask hailey bieber,

The 26-year-old trendsetter is on a mission to completely embrace the modern version of style. girlmore girls Leadership, and so far, she has been successful in it!

Rory’s recognizable cozy-chic look has been replicated by Bieber several times already this sweater season, most recently wearing a cream sweater reminiscent of the small screen icon.

Just a month after wearing a black turtleneck and plaid miniskirt with an oversized coffee cup, Bieber has embraced her inner self. Gilmore Girls Fangirl with an oversized cream sweater so big that it can also work as a mini dress.

Despite being softer in knit than Rory’s famous fisherman sweater, the color and oversized fit perfectly reflect the beloved character’s signature look. Adding her own flair, the model swapped out Rory’s bootcut jeans for thigh-high orange and black striped boots.

Shared to Instagram on Friday as part of a photo dump documenting her “best 48 hours” with her husband Justin Biber and models Kendall JennerHailey Bieber completed the daring ensemble with small oval sunglasses, gold earrings and tied her hair into a claw-foot clip.

Despite Rory Gilmore’s mixed reception among Gilmore Girls fans due to her interesting character development, her wardrobe has become more of a fashion staple than ever in 2023, likely inspired by the show’s resurgence on TikTok.

Bieber, familiar with online criticism, was unfazed by those who openly rejected his adoption of anything Rory-related, reflecting his love of her decadent fashion aesthetic.

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