Hair memes, porcelain memes and ten assorted, Angelina Jolie and this girl resemble more than ever.

Vivienne and Angelina Jolie ont affiché leur ressemblance frappante sur le Tapis Rouge des Tony Awards 2024. Mêmevisage radieux et même chevelure naturallle: la mère et la Girl sont d’une beauté rarely. I previewed this in the photo.

These are the words of a 15-year-old girl that Angelina Jolie will appear at the 77th Tony Awards, which will be held on June 16 in New York. The actress certainly conveyed her beauty traits to Benjamin.

Angelina Jolie’s signature makeup

In dozens of assorted colors, the actress and girl ont foulé le Tapis Rouge of this ceremony are rewarded with Broadway productions. The duo presents a musical comedy Losers, Don Angelina Jolie is the producer and Vivienne is the assistant producer. To salute the triumph of this adaptation of the Roman name S.E. Hinton, mother and girl who compete in beauty. At 15, Vivienne Jolie is available for download Makeup in its natural form, without artificial tricks, tandis qu’Angelina avait sorti son maquillage signature. Ainsey, Brad Pitt’s ex, dreams of teint très lumineux, she doesn’t look frisky and juvenile. Ses beaux yeux clairs étaient mis en valeur Grace à un Fard à Paupières Taupe et un fin trait de Khol Noir Afin de Créer UN cat eye captivator. In short, blush, faisant écho à son rouge à lèvres glossy, offfrait à la star agee de 49 ans une bonne mine Solaire.

Angelina Jolie
Vivienne and Angelina Jolie at the Tony Awards, June 16, 2024. © Steve Eichner // SIPA

Vivien, melange parfait between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

If she acts, she remains discrete in the media environment, Vivienne Jolie is the focus of the photographs, but she plays the role of production assistant over her mother. Ainsi, a cadet of the ancient couple, was named Brangelina so that we could discover her obvious identity with her famous parents. Memes with character traits: son-father and shaggy blonde philosophy who is a mother : Celle qui a un frère jumeau, prenommé Knox, et cinq autres frères et sœurs est déjà d’une beauté éclatante à l’age de 15 ans. This is the confidence that this is a future IT girl.

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