Hair oil with conditioner and combed with your hands, Jennifer Aniston’s trick to show off great hair and rejuvenated hair

The tricks for
get hair they are infinite. There are endless tips, techniques and products that you can use and apply to get the best version of your hair, however, we love to sign those of the famous. Y
Jennifer Aniston and her layered hair and curtain bangs is one of them. If you already took note of his tip for frizz, wait until you see what we have discovered now.

As you know, Jennifer Aniston is one of the ‘celebs’ -like others like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna or Selena Gomez- who have taken advantage of their fame and influence to bring out their most enterprising facet and
launch your own beauty brand. And the actress has chosen to do it with the world of hair.

In this way, Jennifer is killing
lolaviea brand that has
aim to combine the best of science and nature with products that are effective, intelligent and simple, that solve real problems without complications. In addition, as they explain, it is a firm that is committed to doing its part for the planet and being more sustainable.

And since the actress started this journey, her Instagram profile has become a source of beauty tips that she does not hesitate to share with her followers. And among the last ones that we have signed him, we have found one that we especially liked because
you can copy it yourself with products you already have at home.

Jennifer has published a video in which she explains that in her hair routine there is a little tip that she resorts to from time to time and that it is perfect for
add extra shine and softness to your hair. In said publication, the actress comments that she mixes hair oil and conditioner.

Yes, you read it right. After washing her hair and with it completely dry, Jennifer applies a few
oil droplets for hair in the palm of your hand and add a little
conditioner. Then she rubs both hands together to mix it well and begins to distribute it throughout her hair.

But to our surprise, he doesn’t do it like the rest, but he does it with his hands and with
rapid and upward movements with which it shapes the hair. It especially affects the upper layers, which it lifts to apply the product near the root and
thus add more volume to the hair.

In addition, it also places special emphasis on the area near the face. She takes the strands of the bangs and rolls them out so that the bangs are defined and shaped. The result? Perfect! The oil helps moisturize and add shine, while the conditioner sets and reduces frizz. And all without adding a greasy effect to the hair. Wonderful!

And if you want to try this little trick, here we leave you two products with which to do it that work wonderfully: olive oil
Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment (46 euros), which makes hair silky, shiny and healthy; Y
Go Green by Jean Louis Davida conditioning balm with a vegan formula enriched with oats, without silicone and without sulfates, adds shine and softness.

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