Hair with herringbone highlights: The color trend to embrace your gray hair

embrace our white hair It is not something new, but we have certainly seen a considerable boom in recent years. The spiked hair is one of the beauty trends that is committed to enhancing them, with a coloring technique that does not intend to cover them, but to mix them with lighter tints, as if it were threads that intertwine with each other. They are there, visible, like the proud and worthy sign of the passage of time, but their finish is more subtle, mattified.

Thus, the spiked hair represents an alternative to trending short haircuts by 2022, another of the alternatives that many women resort to when the presence of white hair It is obvious. However, celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker either Jennifer Anistonprove to their fifties that wearing long hair with silver sparkles is the most favorable, although this goes against stereotypes that we are still collapsing.

Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her gray hair in And Just Like That.

James Devaney x Getty Images.

The protagonist of And Just Like That spoke about it in an interview with Vogue United States, pointing out the response that she and her co-stars received on social networks regarding their physical appearance on screen, 20 years later. ‘There is so much misogynistic talk in response to us that would never happen about a man. Gray hair, gray hair, gray hair. I’m sitting with Andy Cohen and he has a head full of gray hair, and he’s exquisite. Why is it good for him? ‘, questioned the celebrity about the way in which each one chooses get older.

How is the hair with spiky highlights?

Jennifer Aniston mixes her gray hair with a light blonde dye.

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