Haircuts: Fringes return for all hair types

Once again, fringes are back in trend. Of course, they do it in a diverse way and free of rules: in short “pixie” type hair, casual “shaggy” styles or in more classic long hair.

Of course, the “celebrities” of different generations dare to wear it. We have already seen them on celebrities like Billie Eilish, Aitana, Zendaya, Ana de Armas, Zoeey Deschanel, Úrsula Corberó, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift or Jennifer Aniston.

A) Yes, There are several types of fringes that are worn this season: the curtain (open in the center), the French (at the height of the eyebrows), the “baby bang” (short and uneven), the long (just above the eyebrows and sometimes tilted or paraded), the toupee… And many more options.

Fringes for every occasion

Beatriz Roldán, director of the Mira y Mira salons, explains it to us: “The main feature of the bangs is the rejuvenating effect that it causes in most cases,” he says in an interview with Efe.

For example, David Lesur, director of training at David Künzle salons, points to the usefulness of bangs in pixie cuts: “If the face is long, longer bangs minimize that length.”

In fact, Beatriz Roldán explains the bangs according to the type of face: “In hard or very square features, a side bang is better, in the rest it usually favors both the straight one and accompanied by locks on the sides because you lengthen the face.”

“In the case of curly and wavy, a fringe brought forward achieves more density in the front area. By weathering it, we get more volume, especially for wavy hair, ”he adds, without forgetting his followers, to the“ Curly Method ”, in which his salon is a specialist.

Fringes are for everyone

But bangs are not just a thing for women’s hairstyles. According to César Parra, director of the Homine Madrid barbershop/hairdresser: “men are less given to image changes than women, but it is something that is changing, not only among young people”.

Thus, “the unstructured cuts with a longer upper part will be worn. We share with women the current fever for the ´mullet´ (a haircut that is longer at the back and short on the sides, with also short bangs), although it is necessary to have a good capillary volume”, explains Parra.

Another fashionable cut is the quiff, in which case “The choice we make in the volume of the bangs will be decisive in the result. It should be longer than the rest of the hair. I would leave a minimum of three to four fingers in length (6 centimeters) and the sides, whether shaved or longer, must be very close”.

Paul Tudor, director of the Madrid salon David Künzle Fuencarral, gives more clues: “it is also important that the hair have a certain length, since with less than five centimeters it will be almost impossible to generate the sensation of a toupee, the appropriate thing would be about ten centimeters at least in the front part.”

“And if you have curly hair (in which the toupee looks especially good) the longer the hair in the frontal area, the better. Of course, in long or thin faces, avoid this hairstyle, since, in itself, it lengthens the face ”, he explains.

In addition, César Parra points out that “to give it shape, the secret is to dry everything back except the bangs, that both on the sides and in the area of ​​the crown we hardly have volume and, on the other hand, we can comb the bangs forwards with a round brush, where we will give it the desired volume and then take it back or to the side”.

So now you know, fringes are for all hair types, We are sure that you will look amazing. For related topics listen to the program “Ingrid and Tamara” from Monday to Friday at 10:00 a.m. through 102.5 FM.

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