Haircuts: the best for generation X


There generation X, called in English “X generation” and often referred to by the abbreviation “gen X ‘, takes into consideration those born between 1965 and 1979. Generation X people are people who interface with new technologies every day, but who do not forget that vintage charm of having grown up in an “analogue” way. It is a recent past, which is looked at with a hint of nostalgia and curiosity. Thus, even in the choices regarding look and haircuts, those born in this decade seek the same desire for independence and practicality.

Among the symbolic celebrities of this generation, there are strong women, personalities who have ranged beyond the field in which we have seen them become famous and who have been able to propose the best haircuts to enhance the beauty of this age group. Between short and long cuts there is something for all tastes, for all types of face and of course for all colors.

Hair and Generation X: Curtain bangs like Halle Berry

There curtain bangs, better known as “curtain bangs”, has managed to conquer everyone, even the beautiful one Halle Berry. With its practicality and that sort of “middle way” between fringe and tuft, it manages to enhance the face through slight scaling levels, always current. Curtain bangs are perhaps the best possible alternative to clean bangs, which although it remains a fashionable and fascinating cut, does not suit everyone and above all requires greater attention in the hairstyle.

The long bob becomes lob: inspiration Victoria Beckham and Michelle Hunziker

The eternal Posh Spice Victoria Beckham was among the first celebrities to make Generation X fall in love with long bob, which is now called simply lob: it is a short cut that gives that feeling of hair so short “but not too short”, just enough to streamline and lengthen the lines of the face with a practical and at the same time glamorous hairstyle, in all its versions. Among those of the X generation, it is the most popular hairstyle of those who decide to give a cut with the past and abandoning long hair, avoiding the trauma of suddenly seeing oneself with too short hair.


Among the stars of Generation X who have decided to give us a cut there is also Michelle Hunziker which offers a beautiful example of a cut halfway between long and short. It is a perfect lob that helps to switch from one look to another with ease. It is in fact perfect both smooth and wavy, as well as fake disheveled.

Hair layered in front like Jennifer Aniston

Among the actresses who best embody Generation X, there is undoubtedly Jennifer Aniston and her timeless beauty that has remained intact since the days of Friends, the cult show that made her famous. The iconic blond of Jennifer Aniston in recent years it has been lit and enriched thanks to new reflections, but its cut remains one of the most loved by Generation X. Hair down to the shoulders and front scaling, always current and able to wrap and frame the face perfectly.

Generation X: The perfect average hair length is that of Julia Roberts

Bright, full and vibrant hair like those of Julia Roberts they are the clear example of a simple and wavy hairstyle, perfect for generation X who, as we have seen, do not want to give up practicality. In fact, it gives movement to the whole look with a few simple basic characteristics: The hair cut is clean up to the tips, and the crease is moved at the right point so as to slip your fingers between the locks to mess it up a bit.


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