Haiti shows no signs of curbing chaos, looting and destruction

Haiti yesterday experienced another day of protests in Cap Haitien, Carrefour, Pétion-Ville, Jérémie and Grand’ Anse, partial attendance at classes, an apparent calm in Port-au-Prince, Delmas, Saint-Marc, Gonaives, Cayes and Hinche, fears for cholera outbreak and assassination of policemen and gang leaders.

Thousands of people demonstrated in Cap Haitien to denounce the insecurity, the increase in prices and the lack of fuel, and to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

During the day, a Valerio Canez store was robbed and looted, on Rue 13-14 A, charging with appliances

Classes will not be suspended

Despite the warnings of the gang leader “Barbecue” to the population, to avoid going out to the streets when the school year began, the government declared that there will be no extension to teaching, although it hopes this will be “a difficult time” .

Meanwhile, the Conference of Religious of Haiti, in a letter addressed to those responsible for the congregation’s schools, said it had postponed the reopening of classes and suspended online teaching.

Class attendance was very low. Trading remained cautious. Few opened their doors, fearing the looting that follows the pace of the protests.

cholera treatment

The World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization announced the delivery of more than 2 tons of supplies and medical supplies to Doctors Without Borders, to establish a center that will be able to receive 50 patients and treat cholera in the Cité-Soleil commune.

Two gang bosses go down

Police forces killed in Croix–des-Bouquets, a commune in the western department, to the leader of a gang that operates in the town La Tremblay, identified as “Galaxy”.

During the operation in which the gang leader was killed, “Nader” also fell, one of his fiercest associates of crime in Haiti.

Foundation asks to follow the Dominican example

The Lorquet Foundation for a New Haiti (Folohna) appealed to the reflection of its fellow citizens, after exhorting them to opt for a “livable” country following the example of the Dominicansof whom he says “have chosen dialogue, progress and modernity instead of anarchy, underdevelopment and degradation.”

Describing the crisis situation in Haiti as “extremely serious”, the Foundation asks that “this awful spectacle” be stopped and “let’s stop killing ourselves like the scorpion” while there is still time to avoid the worst, because “it will not benefit anyone” .

worried canada

The Canadian government expressed its “deep concern” about the humanitarian impact that fuel shortages in Haiti.

Sébastien Carrière, ambassador of the North American country in Port-au-Prince, stated, in a message posted on his Twitter social network account, that the Canadian authorities encouraged Haitians to make “efforts that can resolve this problem as soon as possible. Lives depend on it.”

All good at the border

The correspondent in Dajabón, William Estévez, reported yesterday that this border space is calm and the binational market had no problems in its operations. The Army remains vigilant in its surveillance work. The same happens in Pedernales.

Haitians cross without inconvenience to buy their products, although less fluidly due to the protests taking place in that country.

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Two police officers killed

Jude Désir, an agent of the police promotion 30, was shot dead in Nazon, in the Haitian capital. He was assigned to the Croix-des-Bouquets sub-station.

This is the second crime against law enforcement officers in the last 48 hours. Earlier, Harold Alabré, agent of the General Security Unit of the National Palace, was killed.

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