Half-Life 2 and others on sale for less than 1 euro, from now on

half life alyxthe virtual reality chapter released several months ago for PC has made the series fashionable again Valvealthough now they are the basic chapters of Half life that other games from the company have great discounts on Steam.

Half life 2 remains the most beloved chapter by fans (so much so that you can still find it on Amazon), but players will be happy to get it back at a truly ridiculous price.

While someone has made a “remake” of HL 2 made in the style of resident Evil classics, it’s time to get your hands on a lot of Valve games at a cost of less than one euro.

In fact, the American company has uploaded it to Steam. 90% discount Some pearls are not bad at all.

In fact, at this address you will find gems such as Half life 2 with a cost of just 0.97 euros, followed by the first chapter at 0.81 euros and Portal 2 at 0.97 euros.

But not only that: also Counter Strike: Condition Zero is offered for only 0.81 euros, which also follows Defeat Day Font at 0.97 euros and the first Counterattack for only 0.81 euros (but the list of games is really long).

In short, this is an excellent opportunity to get some Valve titles of indisputable value at a lower cost than a coffee at the bar (if we were you, therefore, we wouldn’t think twice).

Continuing with the theme, the equally historic half life 1 was recently released as a free browser game not to be missed.

As for another fan project, a second unofficial remake was shown months ago. Half life 2 Made with the UNIGINE 2 graphics engine, really interesting.

Finally, the evergreen tree Half life 2 will receive a remaster in the form of a mod, which will add ray-traced graphics to the great classic, for a truly updated graphical representation.

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