Half-Life turns 25 and sets record numbers of players on Steam

25 years have passed since its launch on the market and despite all this time, Gamers still love Half-Life. In fact, Valve’s masterpiece has achieved a new record of players simultaneously connected to the game on Steam.

Just think that in the last 24 hours, Half-Life reached a peak of 33,467 connected players at the same time. This result is the highest recorded for the game since at least 2008, when user tracking began.

This may be due to the new update released by Valve for the gamewhich in addition to introducing the Half-Life Uplink mini-campaign, four new multiplayer maps, Steam Deck support and the restoration of some previously removed content, was also accompanied by a dedicated documentary.

It’s certainly no mystery that Half-Life still attracts many players and Alyx was a clear demonstration of this., perhaps the first title to become a seller of virtual reality headset systems. We don’t know if the saga will return sooner or later with a third chapter, but it’s clear how incredibly beloved the franchise remains.

Right now we just have to celebrate the anniversary, perhaps by reinstalling the game and playing it again. A bit like the old days, when playing video games was simpler and even more carefree.

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