Half Life was free on Steam for an hour –

valves Half-Life 3 has been something of a meme among the gaming community for several years now, since the release of Half life 2 In 2004 many people have been waiting for the sequel that will probably never be made. But, after almost 20 years of anticipation, they tend to jump at any news that includes Half life as an opportunity to make jokes about Gabe’s third installment, so imagine how many sparks flew today when the first Half life The game was made completely free on Steam.

The jokes seem to write themselves since not even an hour later the purchase option appears. Half life free was removed from Steam.

There are most likely some free copies on the market, although there have been reports that the option to obtain them Half life free didn’t work even when it was available. The obvious answer to why it was removed is probably just operator error, someone on the Steam team just made the deal available earlier than it should have been.

And, unfortunately, the reason behind the existing agreement in the first place is not a great Half-Life 3 ad advertising package, it is likely that in just a few days it will be the first Half lifebirthday, and a pretty big one too Half life was first released on November 19th1998 so this will be the 25thth anniversary of the series.

This sale is probable due to that fact, and although Half-Life 3 It may never happen, the first two games remain icons of the industry and a celebration of their history is more than deserved. If you are interested in PC gaming, there can be no better recommendation than the pioneers of many of the established standards for gaming that remain even today. If you want to get Half Life for free, I recommend keeping an eye on its Steam page in the coming days.

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