‘Halftime’, Jennifer Lopez’s moving documentary on Netflix

    whether you like it or you don’t like it Jennifer Lopez as a singer and as an actress, you will recognize that she is one of the most important characters of the current ‘star system’. We are aware of her looks at each event, we are surprised by her evolution over these decades, she is capable of leaving us speechless with her physical form and we melt to see her so attuned to Ben Affleck, with whom she has given herself a second chance.

    Born July 24, 1969 in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of New York, the Bronx, Netflix has shot an exciting documentary about her life and her career as an actress and singer that has just been released on the platform just a few days after its first screening at the Tribeca Festival.

    The title of the documentary is ‘half-time’ [Medio tiempo] and alludes not only to the Super Bowl show that he starred in with Shakira in February 2020 but also to the 50 years he had then: the ‘middle of the road’. A moment in her life in which she, moreover, is about to be nominated for an Oscar for ‘Wall Street Swindlers’.

    And that is what is going to catch our attention in ‘Halftime’ is the number of times Jennifer is about to get what she wants… but she doesn’t. The Oscar nomination, for example, did not come; but when they tell her that she is going to sing at the intermission of the Super Bowl they make it clear that it is oh! sharing time and stage with Shakira. Showing this ‘bad leg’, ‘half-time’ it is fresh and very honest, addressed not only to Lopez fans.

    Jennifer Lopez in Tribeca Documentary Halftime

    Jennifer Lopez, at the Tribeca festival, at the premiere of her documentary.


    The director is Amanda Micheli, who has chosen a very intimate point of view to portray an artist who, after a brief review of her previous career, we see how He blows out his 50th birthday candles and says “his life has just begun,” with two milestones such as the Oscar or the Super Bowl.

    As for the Oscars, the documentary shows how the very Jennifer gets the illusion that she will be nominated with the information from the media, where praise abounds for her performance. She is nominated at the Golden Globes, she strives to impress on the red carpet and it is a very special moment for her, but in the end Laura Dern wins for ‘Marriage Story’… And when the Academy doesn’t nominate her either , is devastated: “I feel like I’ve let everyone down,” she says.

    The history of the Super Bowl is no better either. She admits that it is a nightmare, she complains that the catwalk where she has to dance is not good enough and we will see her beg on the phone to give her one more minute alone up on stage: “I’m trying to give you guys something with substance, not just us out there shaking our fucking asses and doing fucking belly dances.” Although the show was “decent,” she does not understand why two performers have to share the 12-14 minutes that the show has to have with another Latin artist. Lopez’s opinion is clear: “the worst idea in history.”

    jennifer lopez halftime premiere

    Jennifer Lopez cries emotionally on the night of the premiere of ‘Halftime’, surrounded by girls.

    Dipasupil DayGetty Images

    Another of the interesting ideas of the documentary ‘Halftime’ is that little political streak that is seen in J.Lo when she is setting up the Super Bowl. In protest at former President Trump’s image of children in cages in immigration detention camps, he wants his daughter (along with other children), to appear inside a cage singing ‘Let’s Get Loud’. But an order arrives from the ‘authorities’ telling him to remove them, to which Lopez opposes and they have to find a way to at least “keep the message”.

    Do you miss someone in the documentary? Ben Affleck, right? Well, it only comes out for 30 seconds and in the same conversation that you can see in the trailer. The director He has not wanted to focus on gossip, but on the vulnerability of a music star. What more could you want?


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