Halle Berry, at 56, dazzles with a face-washed photo

Halle Berry surprises in networks with her natural face.

The perfect face seems to be the Holy Grail of celebrities. Everyone is looking for him: some in the operating room, others in exotic facials. We have already spoken on previous occasions about the methods that bring together characters as dissimilar as Kim Kardashian and Pedro Pascal after the same cause. For many, the desire to have an impressive face has played a trick on them. Recently, at the Oscars, Lady Gaga was also the center of controversy over the reddened skin that he wore during his performance. Days before, the diva of divas, Madonna, had been questioned about the touch-ups she had done on her face.

All Madonna’s cosmetic tweaks

But there is a famous woman who has achieved that long-awaited goal almost in disguise: Halle Berry, without making too much of a fuss, left us speechless by showing herself with a clean face and an enviable complexion.

According to our expert in beautyNando Escribano, the Oscar-winning actress takes great care of her physique, but…how is it that she has managed to look so good naturally?

In addition, she has told us which other celebrities have shown themselves natural on their social networks or on the different red carpets that are held every day.

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