Halle Berry’s surprising change of look: risky haircut and a new color

“When I get bored, I want to change my hair the same way I change clothes or shoes,” he declared years ago. Halle Berry In an interview. It is enough to go through the trajectory of the protagonist of Cat Woman to realize that she is not faithful to a certain hairstyle or haircut. In fact, she was a pioneer in establishing the pixie when in 2002 she picked up the Oscar, making her short hair a trend that year.


If just a few months ago on the Critic’s Choice red carpet he surprised us with an extreme cut punk bixie with which he reminded us of Storm, his character in X-Men, now he has gone to the harder still uniting the marked curls, the shaved nape and a striking purple color in the same look. Only she could bet on something so extreme


Halle, as usual, wanted to share the change with her followers on Instagram through a photo and a funny message. “I know it looks like I’m not doing anything, but my hair is pretty busy,” she wrote alongside the smiley with a laugh. The answer has not been long in coming more than 1,000 comments in a few hours. Although his fans are divided, everyone seems to applaud his daring and confidence when it comes to making any change of look guided simply by what he wants.

Neither blonde nor brown, the actress thus joins Rosala (in red Motomami) already Meghan Fox (with a sweet pink) by opting for a tone as striking as it is unusual to dye her hair this season.


2022: Bixie with ice highlights

Halle Berry with white hair.

Halle Berry with white hair.Gtresonline

A cut halfway between the bob and the pixie with gray-effect white strands. Without a doubt, one of Halle Berry’s most risky hair changes that, however, seems discreet if we compare it with her new look.

2021: Medium hair with waves

Halle Berry with a wavy bob.

Halle Berry with a wavy bob.Gtresonline

A very versatile bob haircut, which the actress accompanied by curtain fringes and subtle waves that fill her hair with movement.

2018: Extra Long Hair

Actress Halle Berry with long straight hair.

Actress Halle Berry with long straight hair.Gtresonline

Although she confesses that she feels more comfortable with short hair, Halle Berry has also dared with long hair. A few years ago she wore this spectacular hair with honey reflections.

2017: Afro mane

Halle Berry at the 2017 Oscars with very curly hair.

Halle Berry at the 2017 Oscars with very curly hair.Gtresonline

Halle Berry’s look was one of the most talked about on the 2017 Oscars red carpet, not because of her Atelier Versace dress (which was also mesmerizing) but because of her full-volume curly hair.

2013: Short Hair with Side Bangs

the ic

Halle Berry’s iconic pixie haircut.Gtresonline

With or without bangs, the pixie is the cut that suits you best. We also love it when she bets on her natural hair tone.

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