Hamilton ‘changes’ jobs, an irrevocable decision: his fans almost don’t believe it

Lewis Hamilton is an F1 legend who is loved and won like few others in history, but now he has made a really strange decision.

There are great drivers, champions and legends who have written memorable pages in the history of F1. This last category undoubtedly includes that absolute phenomenon of Lewis Hamiltoncapable of winning 7 world titles between McLaren and the Mercedes, thus giving him the opportunity to equal the record of Michael Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton (derapate.it – Ansa)

Even in these decidedly complicated years for the Mercedes, The British baronet was able to highlight his extraordinary talent. He will hardly be able to get the title of runner-up in the world, but without Austin’s disqualification for the Red Bull of Sergio Perez Things would definitely have gotten complicated.

Therefore, also in 2023 he became the best driver among those who drove a “normal” single-seater and not a spaceship like the Red Bull. hamilton He is still very hungry for victories and dreams of surpassing Michael Schumacher, which is why he renewed his contract with Mercedes until 2025.

F1 is now close to going on vacation, as 2023 still includes only the two stages of Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi and then the dominance of Verstappen, At least for this year, it will be archived. hamilton However, he remains in all likelihood the best-known character in the motorsport world and that is why he will find himself playing a truly unique and unexpected role.

Hamilton enters Fortnite: Roscoe is also with him

When you become as popular as Lewis Hamilton, it is normal that even some well-known video games around the world want to add you as a character to use. This is what happened to him recently Lewis Hamiltonwith Fortnite giving players the opportunity to try out the virtual experience with the seven-time world champion in the “Icon Series” starting November 17.

Roscoe Hamilton (Ansa – derapate.it)

News that represents an absolute first for the motor world, taking into account that there has never been any driver within Fortnite. However, this is not an absolute novelty for the sport, so much so that basketball players can already be used. Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James.

For the European public, great importance was also given to football, with the presence of Neymar and two Bundesliga champions like Marco Reus from Borussia Dortmund and Harry Kane from Bayern Munich. In this new experience Hamilton will not be alone, in fact his dog will also accompany him. Roscoe.

The latter has long become a real star in the world of social networks: Hamilton created an official profile for the dog. Roscoe Hamilton He has 963 thousand followers and defines himself as a vegan bulldog, Lewis has always stated that he has seen enormous benefits for his dog since he feeds him this way.. Lewis and Roscoe That is why they are inseparable even in the world of video games and the adventures in Fortnite will be exciting and with maximum speed and adrenaline.

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