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The film tells the personal and political life of the former Prime Minister Bettino Craxi.

Rai 3 proposes today the film entitled Hammamet. It is a biographical film with a dramatic atmosphere.

The production is ofItaly, the year of realization is 2020 and the duration is two hours and 6 minutes.

Hammamet film actors

Hammamet film – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by Gianni Amelio. The main protagonists are the President (Bettino Craxi) and daughter Anita interpreted respectively by Pierfrancesco Favino And Livia Rossi. Also in the cast Claudia Gerini in the role of the lover of the President.

Filming took place in Italy, in particular a Legnano, to Pavia and in the small town of San Vittore Olona. Some scenes also took place inside the villa of Craxi to Hammamet, precisely in what was his real home.

The production is of the Pepito Productions in collaboration with Minerva Pictures, Evolution People And Rai Cinema.

The film was also exported abroad, keeping the original title.

Hammamet film actors

Hammamet – plot of the film broadcast on Rai 3

The plot has as its protagonist the figure of Bettino Craxi as a politician and as a man. Craxi is identified as the President. He left theItaly convicted of corruption and illegal financing with a final judgment.


It is also an opportunity to tell a very important but critical chapter in the history ofItaly. Next to Bettino Craxi there are the wife and daughter. While Bobo Craxi, the second son, remains in Italy to fight and to rehabilitate the father’s image as well as manage his political legacy.

20 years after the death of one of the most important politicians of the Italian Republic, the director Gianni Amelio brings back the figure of Craxi. A figure, once chased by media information, but today almost hidden.

In his voluntary exile there are few people who join him. Among these there is Fausto, the son of the former party mate Vincenzo Sartori committed suicide after being investigated by the judges.

Final spoiler

Following a Craxi a kidney tumor is diagnosed. The cures ad Hammamet they are almost impossible due to the outdated technology of medical devices.

The President he should have an operation in an Italian hospital, but he cannot return home because he would risk being immediately arrested. Anita he manages to organize an operation to have his father repatriated privately, but just before leaving Craxi refuses to go back to Milan.

It is operated on Tunisia and the intervention initially seems to be successful. The President returns home, albeit debilitated and in a wheelchair, and appears to be recovering successfully. A few days later, however, he suffered a fulminant cardiac arrest and Anita he finds his dead father in the backyard.

Hammamet final film

Hammamet – the full cast

Below is the cast of the film Hammamet and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Pierfrancesco Favino: President
  • Livia Rossi: daughter Anita
  • Alberto Paradossi: son
  • Luca Filippi: Fausto Sartori
  • Silvia Cohen: the wife
  • Renato Carpentieri: the politician
  • Claudia Gerini: the lover
  • Federico Bergamaschi: his nephew Francesco
  • Roberto De Francesco: the doctor of the psychiatric clinic
  • Adolfo Margiotta: the actor
  • Massimo Olcese: the actor dressed as a woman
  • Homer Antonutti: the father
  • Giuseppe Cederna: Vincenzo Sartori


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