happened after facing Honduras


surprise in Argentina and the world. The coach who conquered the Qatar World Cup, lionel scalonicould leave his position as coach due to internal conflicts within the team.

BRAND newspaper recounts that the problem occurred on the last FIFA date prior to the World Cup where at the end of September the Albiceleste played a couple of friendlies in the United States against the Honduran and Jamaican squads.

It was before the match against the reggae boyz in which the problem broke out: an unpleasant exchange of words between the president of the AFA, Claudio Tapiawith DT Scaloni, who, to this day, “it hurts and would be the main reason why he has not renewed his contract” which expired on December 31, 2022.

Argentina beat Jamaica 3-0 at the Red Bull Arena with a brace from Leo Messi.

“Until days ago, it was believed that the central cause had to do with a money issue, but no. There were attitudes on the part of the leadership that Scaloni decided to endure in silence (…), what was known was that Scaloni was uncomfortable with certain management actions by the leadership, which he considered at some point as risky for the campus and for this reason he wants to go down a line as a condition ”, reports the aforementioned medium.

The journalist Mariano Hamilton brought to light intimate details of the disagreement that the Albiceleste coach had with the president of the Federation on September 26 at the concentration hotel in New Jersey.

According to the journalist, “chikiWallto reward the group of leaders who were not going to be able to attend Qatar, decided to invite them to the tour USA in which, apparently, the night before Argentina’s match against Jamaica, he decided to have a party at the place of lodging.

“The party would have gotten out of Tapia’s hands since they were making a lot of noise and were affecting the rest of the players and the coaching staff. It was at that moment that Scaloni went to the living room, and asked Tapia to lower the euphoria since they could not rest, and the president replied: ‘Come on kid, you’re here because I put you’ ”, collects BRAND.

The president of the AFA, Chiqui Tapia, rubbed the relationship with DT Lionel Scaloni.

Although the way in which Tapia expressed himself before Scaloni is unknown, his impolite response displeased the coach of the team, who, at one time, was a discard for the president, because when he took the reins of the Albiceleste in 2019, no coach wanted the position, which ended with the Copa América, Finalissima and World Champion medals.

“The truth is that Scaloni will demand from the president a different mode of behavior from that which had been taking place on tours, and also, although in the background but no less important, a reformulation of the local tournament that aims to benefit the Argentina’s youth teams, as there should always be two youth players in the starting XI, to cite an example. There is the signature or the end of the cycle ”, closed the medium.

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