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happy birthday mr grape tonight on tv johnny depp leoanardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio (now 46 years old) and Johnny Depp (57) are the super couple that we advise you not to miss. Tonight on TV there is their film Happy Birthday Mr Grape, on Cielo at 21.20. In this article, we explain why you can’t lose it

Tonight on TV, on Cielo at 21.2, there is Happy birthday Mr Grape by Lasse Hallstrom. With Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio and Juliette Lewis. Very young and beautiful. 1993 version… Don’t miss it, really… Johnny was already famous (he had already been Edward scissor hands): we were already all in love with him. Leo DiCaprio was a revelation. He was 19 (but he looked younger). It was basically his first film.

leonardo dicaprio johnny depp

Hollywood, December 12, 1993: Johnny Depp and Leo DiCaprio at the film premiere. Johnny then confessed: «On the set, he always came to me. I made him go through hell ». Getty photo

Romeo + Juliet by William Shakespeare (and Bazz Luhrmann) will arrive two years later. Titanic even 4 years later. But for Happy birthday Mr Grape, the first Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen of our life, Leo immediately deserved an Oscar nomination. Best Supporting Actor. In short, the film tonight on TV on Cielo at 21.20 is the one that gave birth to its star… The film is based on the novel of the same name by Peter Hedges and was shot in Texas.

Happy birthday Mr Grape: plot, protagonists and characters

A wooden house from the Far West. And the nothing around. We are in Endora, Iowa. Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp) lives with his obese mother locked in the house and immobilized by the death of her father (Darlene Cates). With them are the sisters. And most importantly, Brother Arnie (Leonardo Dicaprio): autistic, lives at home and climbs on the reservoir, the city aqueduct.

Gilbert supports the family by working at the town’s grocer. He is having an affair with a married woman. He defends his brother (“Nobody touches Arnie!”) And mother from “external attacks / offenses”. Then one day the carvans arrive for an annual appointment. There’s also Becky (Juliette Lewis) orphan with who lives traveling with her grandmother.

Arnie’s 18th birthday is coming too. Gilbert, fascinated by Becky, leaves his brother alone. They argue. It happens more and more often. The balance of the Grape house is shattered. Arnie runs away. He gets arrested. The mother is forced to leave the house …

Life in Endora / Iowa takes an unexpected turn for Gilbert and the Grape family…

happy birthday mr grape

A scene from the film

Happy birthday Mr Grape: the reviews

On Rotten Tomatoes, critics give the film a whopping 90 percent positive ratings. The audience reaches 89: in short, passed with flying colors. For his poetry, his tenderness, his really showing us those moments in which life turns and is no longer the same. In which your world collapses on you. Someone said that only the family is more complicated than love: this film confirms it. Especially when love and family intersect .. The love that opens you to the outside and the one that binds you to the people you grew up with …

He writes Tv movie: “Hallstrom doesn’t push the commotion pedal with the handicapped. He doesn’t make fun of mom. And she is not indignant with the children of the village who spy on her as a freak. He photographs tasty details, bleak stories, with the same measured intolerance and the same understanding of his protagonist. Very good Depp and DiCaprio. Right and (for once) nice Juliette Lewis “…

happy birthday mr grape

Juliette Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp in a scene from the film. This is Becky, the girl who lives in a trailer with her grandmother

Johnny or Leonardo? Which side are you on?

It was supposed to be the movie from superstar Johnny Depp. Who was 30 at the time (but he too looked much younger) and had already shot Platoon, Cry Baby, Edward Scissor Dwarfs. The arrowfish waltz And Benny & John. Love with Winona Ryder was already a crisis, despite the Winona Forever tattooed on her arm … The following year, at the beginning of 1994, he met supermodel Kate Moss at New York’s Hp Caf Tabac … On October 31, 1993, in the evening on Halloween, River Phoenix was dead outside his Viper Room …

kate moss johnny depp

April 1994, one of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp’s first releases. Getty

Instead, already from the first test screenings, Happy birthday Mr Grape became Leonardo DiCaprio’s film. The little boy of Parents in blue jeans (the show) had grown up. In 1991, the first part, in horror Critters 3. Then, at 17, he stands up to comparison with Robert De Niro in Want to start over. With Happy birthday Mr Grape steals the show from star Johnny and yes immediately won a Golden Globe nomination and another Oscar… In short, his triumph …

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio at the 1994 Oscar Night: he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Happy Birthday Mr Grape. He went there with his publicist Nancy Ryder (behind him). Getty photo

Johnny Depp’s words: I tortured Leo on set

Remembering the film, years later, Johnny Depp said: “I have a lot of respect for Leo. He worked hard on that film and did a lot of research. Every day on set he was ready to commit like no other. But I was in a very difficult period, for several reasons. So, I don’t know why, I tortured him. Really. He talked to me all the time about video games. Or he would ask me if I wanted to take a drag on his cigarette. I replied: “No, I don’t want to smoke with you while you are still hiding from your mother, Leo.”

happy birthday mr grape

Also beautiful in black and white

The words of Leonardo DiCaprio: Children, Johnny Depp and the escape from the Oscar

Leonardo Dicaprio: “Working with Johnny was like winning the lottery for me. to prepare me for the role, the director left me completely free. So I decided to go to a center for children with mental disabilities. And I studied them all, taking note of all their ways of doing and reacting to external stimuli. Then, on the set, I repeated them all … Really the director left me free to do whatever I wanted. I was only 18 and absolute power over my character. Then when the Oscar nomination came, I remember saying to my mom, “I don’t want to go there. If I were to win, I would have to speak in front of a billion people … I’ll never succeed “.



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