HAPPY SONG | According to Science, This Song Makes People the Happiest

According to Science, This Song Makes People the HappiestIsabel Ramon

June 20th marks the beginning of summer and also the day with the most hours of daylight of the year. This phenomenon is known in popular culture as “Yellow Day” and is the happiest day of the year. However, while daylight hours can affect our mood, it is important to know how to stay alert.


In this context, cognitive neuroscience researcher Jacob Jolidge found in his study that songs can make us happier. According to the expert, the top ten songs in this study have one thing in common: tempo. All the songs on the list have at least 150 beats per minute.

It is also important whether they are written in a minor or major key, and whether the lyrics are upbeat, among other factors. The researcher believes that number one on his list is “Don’t Stop Me Now,” the iconic Queen song.

According to communications doctor Jordi A. José in Sport magazine: “Listening to music is the result of brain perception. The movement of the guitar strings, for example, causes changes in atmospheric pressure that are detected by the eardrum and auditory sensory cells that transform them into bioelectric impulses that the auditory nerve transmits to the auditory cortex.

“Once there, this neural information is sent to other cortical and subcortical areas associated with motor, emotional and cognitive processes. The result is the musical perception or experience that each of us experiences,” the expert says. Translated into our sensations, this is what makes us feel like we love a song: “the brain’s pleasure nucleus (accumbens) and dopamine levels increase. This increase in this neurotransmitter correlates with the pleasurable experience we have when listening to certain songs. .

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