Harrison Ford to star in an Apple TV+ comedy

Shrinking is the first series starring Ford!

Thanks to streaming platforms, enjoying projects by the most legendary stars in the world of cinema is becoming more and more common. And Apple TV + seems determined to bring together the largest number of personalities. After having set the bar high with the protagonists of its first series, now the service has announced an upcoming comedy with Harrison Fordas one of the main characters.

The popular interpreter of Han Solo and Indiana Jones, will debut in the world of series as one of the main roles in the comedy written by the creator of Ted LassoBillLawrence ‘shrinking’ for AppleTV+. In the program Ford will share the lead role with Jason Segalwho had been confirmed for this character in October of last year.

Harrison Ford will star in his first series

Harrison Ford to star in an Apple TV+ comedy

Harrison Ford to play a therapist in Apple TV+’s Shrinking

According to the details that have been revealed, even Ford will play Dr. Phil Rhodes, described as a “blue collar psychiatrist” with his feet on the ground, sharp, forceful but with an ever-present shine. Phil is a pioneer in cognitive behavioral therapy who has developed a successful practice over the years that he shares with his two young protégés, Jimmy and Gaby. Fiercely independent, Phil has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, forcing him out of his comfort zone as he grapples with nosy friends, his estranged family and his legacy.

Meanwhile Jimmy, Segel’s character is a grieving therapist who begins to ignore his ethics and makes his clients make important decisions that will change their lives.

Shrinking is reportedly scheduled to start filming this month and will likely hit Apple TV+ in 2023. Meanwhile, the creators of the project are in charge of other Apple TV+ projects. Goldstein is currently filming season 3 of Ted Lasso. While Lawrence is managing his third project with the platform, Bad Monkey.

With this character, 79-year-old Ford will have a new opportunity to demonstrate his experience and skills in the world of acting, in which he has built a long career full of successes and holds the title as the highest-earning actor in box office in history, with more than five thousand six hundred million dollars

Since its debut in 2019, Apple TV + has been responsible for bringing together the most popular stars in the world. Thus, he has managed to create incredible duos such as Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in “The Morning Show”, or the most recent made up of Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto in charge of the recently released “We Crashed”.

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