Harry Potter, a star sent producers to “get fucked”: “They lied to me shamelessly”

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Alan Cumming, Scottish actor with a rich film, television and theater career behind him, could have been in the cast of the films on Harry Potter.

He himself reveals it: in the early 2000s he was in fact among the peer candidates the role of Gilderoy Lockhart (that is to say Gilderoy Lockhart, as the character was renamed in Italian) in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, second chapter of the film saga based on the novels of JK Rowling and directed by Chris Columbus in 2002.

The role, then went to Kenneth Branagh, was that of the vain and boastful Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, extremely prodigal in extolling extraordinary feats in his books (all stolen from other far more skilled wizards) but very fearful in substance.

The curious aspect of the story is that Cumming found himself very badly with the producers and it was he himself who was furious with them over a salary question. Here’s how things went according to the interpreter: It wasn’t that I turned down the part. I told them to go fuck themselves! They wanted me and Rupert Everett we did one screen test. They told me that noThey couldn’t pay me more than a certain amount, because they had no budget anymore“.

“The thing is, I had it same agent by Rupert, to which of course they offered more money – then adds – Lying shamelessly and stupidly, I would say. I mean … if you have to lie, be smarter, right? At that point I told my agent: “Tell them to go fuck themselves.” And I thought Rupert was going to get the part. They screen tested him, I remember he wore his wig. But then in the end they gave Kenneth Branagh the part, it came out of nowhere! “.

Alan Cumming
Alan Cumming. Photo: Getty (Mike Pont / WireImage)

If in a hypothetical future a reboot of the Harry Potter saga, the protagonist Daniel Radcliffe, the historical face of the protagonist, has very clear ideas about what he would like to interpret and has had the opportunity to talk about it recently (find all the details at the end of the article).

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