‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’: The craziest thing a fan did for Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter

This Tuesday, TF1 is broadcasting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the last installment of the “Harry Potter” saga released in 2009. A few years have passed since then and it is clear that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione) and Ruper Grint (Ron) keep wonderful memories of this legendary shoot that spanned nearly a decade. Flashback and “memories” sequence

What’s it like growing up on a movie set?

Daniel Radcliffe:I remember having very strange dreams at the beginning of the saga. In the morning, I took lessons in a school. And then in the afternoon, I had to play the magicians. So, at night, I dreamed that I was a real wizard and that I transformed the teachers of my school and in particular those who were not cool into dripping monsters. I’m not seen growing on the set. For the little anecdote, I also remember that Alfonso Cuaron, on the set of “Prisoner of Alkazan” had noticed while viewing the rushes that a few beard hairs were beginning to appear on the image. Suddenly, he was led to shave me digitally using the graphic palette! Between my debut in Harry Potter and the third opus a lot of changes also took place. My voice has changed and I have grown a good ten centimeters. My feet took three sizes. In short ! Other than that, the character of “Harry” was a great tutor for me. It allowed me to grow with a good artistic ground and to evolve in the midst of great film professionals who taught me everything!

Emma Watson: I grew up in a bubble! These ten years spent on the set of the “Harry Potter” saga also made me mature terribly. Faster than any girl my age, I guess. Over time, this story of magician friends confronted with absolute evil has enabled us to shoot one of the most extraordinary adventures of the Seventh Art. As we had a lot of responsibilities on our young shoulders, very quickly we took the lead in the head. I nevertheless had to scrap to continue my studies at the same time because the cinema may well be a spangled universe, it is also an environment where everything can collapse like a house of cards. It was essential that I have a solid foundation and knowledge…

RUPERT-GRINT: “Objectively, I did not see these ten years pass. It’s a bit as if someone had cast a spell on me when I was very young and found myself, overnight, with hair on my chin without my noticing anything. It was an amazing experience. Even if sometimes confronting ghosts or retaining the hyper-convoluted incantations laid by JK Rowling (the author of the novels Harry PotterEd.), that put us on our knees! JK hasn’t made it easy for us by asking us to memorize his secret formulas all these years! In the first Harry Potterr, it was even rather head-scratching. We had a tendency to seriously tangle our brushes. But it’s like everything, we got used to it. I also have a hard time remembering what my life was like before “Harry”. I’m often asked if I felt like I had a normal childhood and teenage years playing Ron all those years. I invariably reply that I had a normal childhood, with normal parents, normal friends and normal occupations. What is not normal in my humble opinion is that I am still asked this question!

How was the last day of shooting?

Emma Waston:This involved lots of disposable tissues. Even kilos of disposable tissues! But Hermione will never die in my heart. She will always be there no matter what. What is certain is that I will have stories, anecdotes to tell my grandchildren for the next fifty years! Harry and his friends have become monuments in their own right. A “so British” institution. Better…a legend and a legend as you know never dies!

RUPERT GRINT : “The hardest part was witnessing the destruction of the sets, especially for the final confrontation scene. It made me very funny to see that. It’s as if a whole part of my life had gone…to dust! And then, there was this big room, this refectory where all the characters of the series met to eat! Seeing this room where I spent so much time catch fire, it made my heart sink! (…) Other doors have opened to me since then. I understood that this profession allowed you to live several lives. The whole thing is not to lose yourself, not to disperse and to stay with your feet on the ground!

DANIEL RADCIFFE: “The filming of the last two parts was carried out in a completely anarchic way. It was a bit mixed up. Suddenly we were shooting a scene from the last part, suddenly from the first, and so on. Not easy to find. To find his bearings. How did I feel the day I realized that Harry was the end? Already, I had prepared for it because I suspected that I was not going to play Harry all my life! That said, my feelings were mixed. I felt both a great sadness while being not unhappy to see other horizons emerging! Taking possession of other characters, adding other strings to my bow such as directing, producing, writing, it’s something I was eager to experience in a more sustainable way!

What is your best memory of the “Harry Potter” saga?

RUPERT GRINT: The parts of giggles we had when we heard Robbie Coltrane bitching in the room where he was being transformed into the giant Hagrid. Robbie was tired of wearing six-inch shoes. A fairly hard foam thing as wide as ski boots! But what annoyed her the most was his fake beard and wig – which together weighed several pounds. When it was very hot in the studios it quickly became unbearable for him. He also told us that he hoped after Harry Potter to play a bald man in a film without special effects..”

Emma Watson:Daniel was also a funny specimen on the set. He loved to make jokes. One day he reprogrammed Robbie’s phone (Robbie Coltrane who plays Hagrid) in Turkish, I believe, and later he stuck signs on his back that read “Hit me”. Daniel also painted his face with fake blood pretending he had just had an accident. Everyone believed it! (laughs)

Daniel Radcliffe:For me, it’s when between two scenes, I could talk about music with Gary Oldman. We spent hours playing the guitar, listening to punk bands from the 70s. My meeting with JK Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter saga is also a great moment. I have never seen someone so creative. His imagination is limitless. What else ? Ah yes, I was very happy to inaugurate my star on Hollywood Boulevard. Even though I can’t help but smile today. Imagine, in fact, that the photo shoot was so long, so laborious that I feared that the quick-setting cement would freeze my hands for good! Imagine the headlines in the press! “Cement prisoner Daniel Radcliffe has finally been freed with a jackhammer!” (laughs)”

What fan request stood out to you the most?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE:A fan once asked me to sign an autograph with a permanent marker on my forehead. After negotiation, I was able to sign on his arm!

Emma Watson:One morning I met a fan in the street who wanted me to give her fashion advice because her boyfriend had left her supposedly because she dressed like a bag! I looked at him and kindly told him that the very first thing to do might already be to avoid wearing fuchsia boots with tucked-in yellow checkered pants!

RUPERT-GRINT: “A fan once asked me if I could give her one of my locks. Intrigued, I replied “But why ?”. She replied to me: “Because the locks of red are already good luck so you can imagine if it’s a lock of Rupert Grint!”. And to add:“I’m going to make a fortune on eBay”. I was appalled!”

If you could keep the magic wand, what would you do with it?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE : “I will answer you that my dream would be to be able to relive certain moments of my life. I have the feeling indeed of having “flew over” my childhood. The pace of Harry Potter filming was so intense that I didn’t see myself growing old. My only “mirror”, I was even going to say “family photo album” finally it is this saga that I have chained over the years! Strange no?

RUPERT GRINT:I’ll probably ask the wand again to bring me back to all those years. Probably the most beautiful of my life!

EMMA WATSON : “I just wish I had my own magic wand. Only mine. I could grant all my wishes. Don’t ask me which ones. There are so many that you need a special edition! But overall it revolves around clothes. For some time now, designers have been sending me their creations. This is madness. My closet is chock full of dresses, pumps, accessories that would turn any normal girl’s head.”

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