Harry Potter: Emma Watson totally lost at the end of the saga?

Was the young actress Emma Watson completely lost at the end of the Harry Potter saga? We give you more details!

Lost or relieved? In which state of mind was Emma Watson at the end of the Harry Potter saga? MCE TV tells you everything!

A childhood with Harry Potter

Actress Emma Watson was thrust into the limelight at a very young age. Indeed, you should know that the young woman joined the cast of Harry Potter when she was only 9 years old!

For years, the young girl will therefore interpret the role of Hermione Granger. At first, Emma Watson only thought of shooting in the first two films. Indeed, she even considered leaving the saga of JK Rowling.

Finally, she will spend all her childhood shooting and promoting Harry Potter! Besides, she does not regret this choice at all. Indeed, today, she says to herself happy to have been able to finish the saga to the end.

She even confessed that it would have affected him a lot if someone else had taken over the role of Hermione. On the other hand, she was also looking forward to discovering something else outside of the cinema.

After Harry Potter, the young woman chose not to embark on another film. Like her character, Hermione, Emma Watson is thirsty for learning! Yes, we can say that they chose his role well.

At the end of the saga, she will therefore join Brown University. How did the young woman feel at the end of the Harry Potter films. And why did she at one point want to leave the franchise? We’ll give you more details, without further ado!

A break is needed

One of the reasons why Emma Watson wanted to leave the saga Harry Potter is she felt that his life was too planned. But after the franchise ended, he missed that same organization!

The young woman confided that she had a hard time adjusting to the flexibility and freedom that student life offered! “I go through times when it feels good, easy, and I’m busy with school, and ‘there are days when I feel really lost’ explains the young woman.

“It was so structured and I had people telling me where I needed to be, what they wanted me to do” she adds. Left to her own devices, the star of Harry Potter therefore had difficulty finding his way.

“My whole life was on a schedule, on a call sheet, every day, and being in college you decide when you eat, where you go, if you work, if you don’t. » she adds. Despite everything, the young actress of Harry Potter still enjoyed his student years.

“It’s nice to be able to take a short break” she confided. Indeed, for her, it was not possible to continue directly with other projects in the cinema.

She also finds the actor Dan Radcliffe incredibly brave for this. During her interview for JoBlo, she did not hesitate to congratulate him. “He is incredibly energetic. » she remarks about the hero of the saga.

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