Harry Potter: The most brutal Hermione Granger cosplay that has gone viral on TikTok

Hermione Granger is one of the most recognizable characters in Harry Potter, forming part of the trio of protagonists who fight against Lord Voldemort to save Hogwarts from darkness. Played by Emma Watson, Hermione has become over the years a reference for several generations of young people, who get lost between the pages and scenes of JK Rowling’s story. The character has gone viral again thanks to a video posted on TikTok in which the user known as karielex is characterized as Emma Watson, imitating her gestures and facial expressions as if it were an episode of Poland.

The TikTok video that has blown our minds

@kariellex HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HERMIONE! #harrypotter #hermionegranger #hermione #happybirthday #wizardingworld #witch #thebrightestwitchofherage #emmawatson #Prequel ♬ Harry Potter – Movie Magic And His Solid Gold Soundtracks

This Hermione cosplay is definitely the best you’ll ever see. As shown in the video, the tiktoker takes care of every last detail so that the representation of the character is as faithful as possible to what we saw in the series of movies of Harry Potter. It is almost sickening to see how the cosplayer in question has traced even her hair, her look, that half smile that Watson made as Hermione… In fact, this characterization could perfectly serve for a play. It would work like a shot without any problem.

Emma Watson reunited with the cast of the Harry Potter saga with return to hogwarts, the project launched on HBO Max that celebrated 20 years since the start of the film series. Watson revealed a multitude of secrets that he lived during the filming of the different deliveries. The actress has a strong friendship with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, who played Potter and Ron Wesley respectively. Over the years he has been starring in projects of all kinds; Beauty and the Beast, little women, the circle, regression and many others.

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