Harry Potter: this Emma Watson mania that ruined several scenes!

Invited to Jimmy Kimmel, Emma Watson spoke of a habit she had on the set of Harry Potter, which was very disabling.

Everyone knows the too serious side of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. But what some did not know was that his interpreter would have it too. Indeed, Emma Watson recently made it known that a mania would have ruined many scenes.

Emma Watson talks

But in addition to this mania, which we will discuss later, the actress is talking about her for other subjects. If you didn’t know, it recently sparked debate following his stand against JK Rowling. The creator of the saga.

Indeed, the actress of Harry Potter has only very average appreciated the recent statements of the author. But the fact that she makes it known seems to have greatly annoyed Internet users. It is enough to read their reactions to understand how much she disappointed them.

““I would never spit on Emma Watson, (…) her fights are relevant. But Harry Potter, whatever one thinks of it, remains the work, the story, the universe of JK Rowling, it’s hers. Syears she all this is nothing ». Some have commented on Twitter.

While others were even more virulent:“Emma Watson, career in free fall, but which imposes conditions if next Harry Potter there is. Except that JK Rowling still has control over the rights and without her consent…”.

The Harry Potter actress probably has other things to do than respond to haters. As usual, she will focus as much as possible on the roles she will play in the future. And if she puts the same energy into it as to land her role in the saga, his parents might get scared.

Since the latter had made it known that their daughter would have terrified them. In any case, this is what the young actress implied in a recent interview. A too serious side that she fully assumes.

Harry Potter: this Emma Watson mania that ruined several scenes!
Harry Potter: this Emma Watson mania that ruined several scenes!

Emma Watson’s mania in Harry Potter

“Of course, it terrified them. There were literally thousands of girls auditioning. My parents were very scared of what I would do if I didn’t get the part.”. Did she let it be known to make it clear how much, at the time, she was motivated.

The Harry Potter actress didn’t stop there and added:They were trying to bring me back to reality, but I absolutely didn’t want to hear it. I was going to get this role”. In the end, it seems that all that strength was for something.

More recently, she confided in Jimmy Kimmel. Emma Watson took the opportunity to make some revelations like the note our colleagues from Oh My Mag. In particular on a mania which would have spoiled many scenes on several occasions.

His mania? Whisper the dialogues to his partners during filming. And that would have annoyed the producers. “It caused problems on set. I screwed up several takes because of that. Chris (Columbus, the director) had to step in”.

She explains first before adding: “’Cut! Emma, ​​you start over. You’re mumbling Dan’s lines. But I couldn’t help it. I was so useless. I loved books and I wanted to do my best, but in fact, I was doing too much! ». Finally concludes the Harry Potter actress.

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