Harry Potter: Tom Felton believed that all the actors would be replaced!

In an interview for The Guardian, Tom Felton said he thought the Harry Potter cast would be replaced.

It’s a good surprise. Indeed, Tom Felton would never have thought of experiencing such success by playing in Harry Potter. Especially since the actor has let it be known that he would never have thought that the production would keep the same actors. And this for all films.

The Tom Felton Lie

But before evoking this fear that the actor had, let’s go back to a funny detail. A detail that goes back to when Tom Felton passed the casting to join the saga. Because yes, like Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson, he had to earn his place.

And how ! Indeed, Tom Felton did not think for a single second that he was going to be chosen. Blame it on his very poor culture of the character he wanted to play. It was in a recent interview that he made the revelations on this subject.

Harry Potter actor, which has changed a lot since the first years filming, indeed revealed:“They lined up all the Dracos, I guess. And asked them what part of the book they were most excited to see made into a movie”.

This is when things got complicated for the young actor. The producers wanted to know if the young actors knew the character of Draco Malfoy well. And apparently, Tom Felton was the one who knew him the least.

Seeing the answers given by his comrades, the one who made Emma Watson’s heart capsize realized that he was in trouble. Unable to give real answers when asked questions, he found the perfect parry.

He pretended to know the characters from Harry Potter. Quite simply by taking up the answers given by his neighbors and not coming out empty-handed from his “interrogation”. A nice trick that probably makes the actor die of laughter now.

Harry Potter: Tom Felton believed that all the actors would be replaced!
Harry Potter: Tom Felton believed that all the actors would be replaced!

Tom Felon was afraid to leave Harry Potter

But it was also thanks to this behavior that he landed the role of Draco Malfoy. As a reminder, the member of the Slytherin house is a sneaky person and capable of lying. Exactly the behavior Tom Felton had.

This is why the producers of Harry Potter probably did not hesitate long before giving him the role.“I kind of repeated what the guy next to me said. And Chris Columbus, the director, saw right through my lie. And that may have helped me land the role of Draco. »

He remembered in particular. But he was also able to remember that he was convinced of stop playing after the first two films. The reason ? The fact that the film crew is looking age-appropriate actors characters and at the time.

“After the second movie, the actors still looked pretty young, maybe we’ll do a third one. Then a fourth. It continued like that. We haven’t registered for 12 years. At one point I just assumed they would replace us with decent actors, but they never did”.

He revealed in a interview with The Guardian. In the end, with the filming time of Harry Potter, all the actors were able to grow at their own pace. Their physique may have changed at the same time as their characters. And the production was therefore able to keep everyone.

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