Harry Styles and his alleged boyfriend would put an end to queerbaiting and open the debate on not forcing anyone to “come out of the closet”

Harry Styles, He finds himself again monopolizing all the reflectors, but this time not because of the looks with which he breaks stereotypes or because of a controversial speech that unleashed the annoyance of many for being a “white and privileged man”, but because of a scandal that his fans have celebrated and that has taken many others by surprise. The reason?, that it was revealed that the singer supposedly has a boyfriend the first that is talked about in the media and that competes against his exes like Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner or recently Olivia Wilde.

Of course, the above caused the eternal debates to come to light about whether Harry Styles suffers from closeting, that is, when the industry forces its artists who are part of the LGBT+ community to keep their sexuality hidden or if, on the contrary, the British have taken the opportunity to put into practice the queerbaiting by using the rainbow flag when he has only dated women (at least publicly). However, just as these details were revived, the importance of Don’t force anyone to “come out of the closet.”

In his concerts it is common to see him holding the flag of the LGBT+ community. (Photo: IG @harrystyles)

Who is the supposed boyfriend of exOne Direction?

This weekend, social networks have not stopped talking about a finding by Elle magazine in which it would be confirmed that the former member of One Direction is dating a man

after a friendship and work relationship that turned into a romance. As if that were not enough, the alleged evidence from both the press and the fans of the interpreter of “As It Was” have shown us that this mysterious subject identified as Brad Gould has accompanied the singer on his tour, at awards and even at yacht trips and even They have matching tattoos.

“It seems they have a close friendship that extends beyond their training sessions. The couple have been seen making plans and are even said to share a couple of tattoos,” a source close to Elle said.

Up to now, little is known about Brad Gould as he is the personal trainer of the protagonist of “Don’t Worry Darling” and the person responsible for the physical transformation that the singer has had, according to various media outlets. It is for all this and even for a supposed couple tattoo that fans have not stopped creating videos that have quickly gone viral where you can see the “couple” together and in different scenarios, in addition to the fact that the actor’s “boyfriend” has become one of the favorite faces of the moment and the network does not stop affirming that he is one of the British men (originally from Bournemouth, in the south of England) more handsome.

This is what searches look like on TikTok. (Photo: Capture)
Harry’s fans start to admire their coach. (Photo: Capture)

Although this is the first time that the media has talked about Harry Styles not as a straight man, the suspicions of his fans come from years ago first by relating him romantically (and based on behavior) with his ex-partner Louis Tomlinson; however, said courtship was never confirmed by either party, much less by those behind the band’s success.

Of course, with this as a precursor, the rumors and accusations of having made queerbaiting began to become more and more popular, while his fans defended him and claimed that no one can take someone else out of the closet people as it has happened with the actor Kit Connor who due to social pressure and media harassment had to come out to clarify that he is bisexual, or more recently to Los Rulés (youtubers Jorge Anzaldo and Diego Cárdenas) who for more than a decade have been a couple and after some photos they were forced to tell their story.

But what is the relationship between queerbaiting and forcing someone to talk about their sexual orientation?

Both terms are closely linked because when a celebrity is accused of doing queerbaiting an entire industry is behind it and not in all cases it is possible to identify if in fact this is the one that is forcing them or if, on the contrary, the artist suffers from closeting, or has decided that it is not yet the time to “come out of the closet” a decision that not in all cases should be shared and less by pressure.

His fans rule out that he does queerbaiting. (Photo: IG @harrystyles)

In fact, The Urban Dictionary defines the concept as “a marketing strategy to appeal to queer audiences by creating sexual tension or romantic scenarios between same-sex characters without making it canon or fleshing out the story”, which involves actors, actresses and singers alluding to being same-sex attracted without necessarily being true, because the characters in question never clarify or make official what is happening between them.

That is why we talked to Denn Snuff, a young tiktoker and fan of Harry Styles, who justly stressed that it is not an issue that should be taken lightly and that neither the general public nor the harries should put pressure on the singer or any other person to talk about their sexual orientation. The best example is the case of Kit Connor, the “Heartstopper” actor, who had to “come out of the closet” due to social pressure.

“(He) was being accused of queerbaiting and there was a debate (as with Harry Styles) about what people can’t queerbait because we are not obliged to tell anyone our sexual orientation”, he pointed out. Likewise, the tiktoker did not hesitate to add that contrary to what is thought, queerbaiting “is something that do brands or companies” to “hang onto the movement (LGBT+)”.

Harry’s alleged boyfriend has photos with the singer’s photographer. (Photo: IG @bradgouldtraining)
He is the coach who stole the world’s attention. (Photo: IG @bradgouldtraining)

Now, when this statement is leaked in which it is stated that the British man is dating a man again, the idea and problem of force someone out of the closet even if he’s not ready to talk about it or just doesn’t want to share it with his fans. The “good” news, if you can call it that, is that the fact – even if it’s just a rumor – has been very well received by fans of Harry Styles,

those who have used the networks to show their support with all kinds of messages; however, one should not lose sight of the fact that the LGBT+ community has been oppressed and discriminated against.“Anyone exercises with that coach”, “Harry has great taste”, “Yes, I would like them as a partner”, “lately he is always with Brad”, “it’s just a rumor” and “why do they always associate him with any man They do the same as everyone when Harry is with a woman. He can have friends”, are some of the comments that are read in the dozens of viral videos on TikTok about Harry Styles and his supposed boyfriend.

And you, do you consider that this relationship is just a rumor? (Photo: IG @bradgouldtraining)


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