Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde could be expecting their first baby and fans are not happy about it

Since his departure from One Direction and his path to becoming a successful solo artist and also a movie star, Harry Styles has been a recurring topic of conversation. But beyond his career, he has also been involved in controversies that catch the pink press regarding his love life; and it is that for months there has been much talk about a relationship with the actress and director Olivia Wilde.

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The gossip usually focuses on the age difference, with the Dr. House star being ten years older than the singer. Amidst the rumors, the couple was seen on one occasion taking a walk with a rather particular closeness. The relationship is believed to have begun at the same time production began on Don’t Worry Darling, directed by Wilde and in which Styles stars alongside Florence Pugh.

The relationship began when Olivia was still a couple of Jason Sudeikis. Now, when tempers had already calmed down around their names, comments have emerged about the Meadowland actress’s alleged pregnancy – 100%, just after, during the presentation of his most recent film, he was given some papers related to the custody of his children with Sudeikis.

Rumors about the pregnancy arose after a photograph of the director circulated in a baggy shirt that makes her show off a bulging belly, although it is clear that sometimes the perspective is misleading. Next, you can see the photograph in question and draw your own conclusions.

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People talk about how Olivia Wilde looks pregnant in these photos, not realizing the faux pas of wearing a Morrissey shirt after she’s gone. [descuidado] in recent years.

The fans of the interpreter of “Watermelon Sugar” have not stopped expressing their disagreement on social networks, as well as the followers of the star of Ted Lasso – 100%, hoping it’s not true. Until now neither of the two stars has officially spoken about their relationship, but it is something that they have not taken the time to deny, and it is not that they need to explain. Later you can see what they have been saying on social networks about the possible upcoming arrival of the baby from Harry Styles Y Olivia Wilde.

Olivia Wilde really left Jason Sudeikis for a guy who uses the words “Peen” and “Boom Boom” without irony when referring to himself.

Please, God, tell me that Olivia Wilde is not pregnant with Harry’s baby. I’ll kneel in the middle of Walmart if it’s true.

There were also those who defended the actress and pointed out how toxic it is to judge someone else’s body and speculate just because it does not look perfect as expected of a movie star.

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I’m not the biggest fan of Olivia Wilde, but the fact that many of you claim that she is pregnant because her stomach is not flat at a certain angle is very damaging. Everyone has a womb sac, and sometimes during certain times of the month she is more present than at other times!

[…] People really should stop commenting on other women’s bodies and stop assuming someone is pregnant, because it’s actually toxic and gross.

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