Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde would be in plans to live together

Olivia Wilde has given all too clear a signal so far that she plans to move to the UK, to live full time with her boyfriend, Harry Styles. British media claim that the actress-director visited a school in north London, suggesting that she wants her children, Otis and Daisy, to enroll there.

These two children have been living with her and her ex-fiancé, actor Jason Sudeikis, in Los Angeles, USA. But Olivia Wilde has been spending more and more time in the UK with her partnerthe most acclaimed British pop star of the moment, Harry Styles.

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A move here with their children could also be ideal for Olivia Wilde’s ex, as although they have been at odds since their split, he is currently filming the hit comedy series ‘Ted Lasso’ in London. And she would spend much more time with Harry Styles and building her solid relationship.

A source said that Harry and Olivia are completely committed to each other and they want to spend so much time together as possible. Of course, they each have their own busy working lives, he on the road and she as an actress and director on the rise to world renown.

It is she who is frequently taking planes to see the British singer wherever he is, although the same Sources close to her say that Olivia Wilde’s biggest priority is and always will be her children..

So settling in the UK is a great option if this celebrity couple is planning on their future together. This is what he would be planning with the interpreter of ‘As It Was’, with whom he wants to stay in London.

Harry Styles seems to have found true love in Olivia Wilde

The ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ director is said to have spoken to Jason about it because his opinion is also important as the children’s father and they seem to have agreed that London is the best place. Nothing has been signed or sealed yet, but are seriously considering this move and life change.

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But Olivia Wilde has returned to Los Angeles this week, while Harry Styles has been playing in the United States, as part of the shows on his ‘Love On Tour’ tour. He will have two months off from mid-December and then another couple of months to himself in the spring, before his next gigantic leg of European dates.

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