Harry Styles Loves It, So I Tried Bouldering for Beginners

As someone who writes about fitness for a living, I spend a Very time for work. That said, I’ve always been hesitant to try bouldering for beginners. Maybe it was the image of people outside in their gorpcore gear, critiquing my form and “beta” (a technical term for the best way to climb a wall), but something clicked. It has stopped me from spending my Saturday mornings drinking flat whites on the local climbs. place.

But if there is one man who Dog Influence me to step out of my comfort zone, that’s Harry Styles. daylight The singer was photographed with a chalk bag in hand at a climbing center in London in 2019, and is rumored to still be a big fan of the sport. And he’s not alone – the hashtag #bouldering has racked up an impressive 21 million views on TikTok, with everyone from Florence Pugh to Jared Leto expressing their love for the workout.

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