Harry Styles’ mother comes to his defense as he faces criticism and ridicule over his new haircut, Network

Harry Styles is always in the news, no matter if he is not giving concerts or releasing music. After completing the Love on Tour as one of the biggest tours in history, the Brit was practically missing until this week.

Because these days some photos circulated on social networks have caused a revolution among his fans, and not because of any of their peculiarities. organizations – whom he surprises both in concert and on the red carpet – but because of his recent and drastic haircut.

In the images, he can be seen with his head completely shaved, an appearance that has shocked his followers, who immediately reacted and Expressed how much they miss her already defined curls.

The comments, memes, and messages about Styles’ recent physical appearance have had such a widespread and powerful impact His mother Anne Twist had to resort to social networks to calm the situation And draw attention to this type of cruelty.

“When you consider that Harry has a legacy of kindness and inclusion, he always strives to make everyone feel like one of their own and appreciate them for who they are… There is some irony in the negativity shown regarding his hair cutting., “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand it,” he wrote in an Instagram post along with a photo of his son.

Likewise, in the stories he has shared a revelation in which he changes one title for another to suit what it should be. From “Harry Styles’ fans are shocked by his shave: ‘It ruined my life'” to “Breaking news: It’s just hair! And it’s his! It’ll grow back if he wants,” you read. Can. Some words for Anne have come to mind.

This message from Harry’s mother has sparked a new debate. Some users indicate that “it’s not that deep” and “it makes the problem seem bigger than it is”, making it clear that there are more important things going on in the world at the moment so to speak; While others agree that his decision should have sparked plenty of jokes, not any drama.

It’s clear that Harry Styles isn’t the first, nor the last, to give his long hair a ‘good cut’. Shawn Mendes, David Bisbal, Doja Cat… have done it too. And what do you think?

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