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Rising pop star Tate McRae is Billboard’s newest cover star. The singer is set to take the stage at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Harry Styles’ beauty and apparel line, Pleasing, shared a photo of the singer in a new buzz cut hairstyle on Wednesday, November 15. Billboard takes a look at the time when music legend Elvis Presley and longtime friend and collaborator Otis Blackwell wrote the 1957 musical hit “All Shook Up” after being inspired by shaking a can of Pepsi. even more!

Tetris Kelly:
Tate McRae is our brand new cover star and she’s performing at the BBMAs. We’re playing the biggest songs on TikTok. Harry Styles has no hair. And we take a look at Elvis.

This is Billboard News for November 16th and I’m Tetris Kelly. One of our favorite new stars is on the cover of Billboard. We get “Greedy” with Tate McRae in his new profile.

Tate McRae:
I remember that day, I was on a walk with my mom and I remember thinking, Oh my God, I’m like No. 1 on the Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart. And I thought, this is the greatest day of my life.

When “You Broke Me First” reached number 17, it was very strange because I felt like I was seeing my favorite artists of all time on that chart. And I think at first, I didn’t realize the potential of “You Broke Me First” until I actually got to L.A. and I realized that it, you know, hit a specific spot. And it became so big.

When I wrote “You Broke Me First,” I was 16 years old. I thought, I have to get this song out. I really want to. The first time I filmed my first legit music video was with my friend in Calgary on Video Star on my phone. These are just two passes of the entire music video. This is so crazy. It’s been seen by a lot of people now and it’s weird looking back that it was actually made on the iPhone.

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