Harry Styles opens up about filming sex scenes

Musician Harry Styles has been making his way in the acting industry and recently appeared on the radio show, “Captial Breakfast”, to talk about his career transition.

During his interview, the show’s host, Roman Kemp, called all the tea around him to talk about Styles’ upcoming sex scenes. Considering that Styles had never filmed a sex scene until now with his next two movies, Kemp was intrigued to find out how comfortable the actor felt.

Kemp asked Styles: “What is the movie that I can safely watch with my parents? Because I heard it’s getting spicy.”

According to the singer-turned-actor, he doesn’t recommend that you watch either movie with your friends. “I don’t know if you can watch it with your parents”Serie. “I’m going to have to do another”.

Although the scenes are quite risque, Styles shared that “He was very fortunate to have a very trusting relationship with the people with whom he [estaba] working. Everything was discussed… we are doing this together and we trust each other, and at any time we can stop whenever”.

The first film, Don’t Worry Darling, is a psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde that aims to flip the script on how female pleasure is portrayed in movies. The film will be released sometime this year in 2022. mypoliceman it is the second movie that Styles will star in, however, a release date has not been set.

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