Harry Styles, the host of the craziest party in Barcelona

She was the entertainer of Super Girls Night, the most remembered pajama party, the funniest girl party in the world

common winged boa in the wardrobe Harry Styles It’s not a recommended accessory to wear in the middle of a heat wave, but a true fan doesn’t succumb to inclement weather. The followers of the British artist are authentic warriors of devotion, A worthy successor for fans of Take That, Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber or The Beatles. If K-pop fans were able to boycott Donald Trump’s rally thanks to a coordinated action on the internet, like the young women crowding Lewis Company’s Olympic Stadium in Barcelona on Wednesday, July 12, things could change. Was. It is necessary to see his ideal live. ask rave The most reliable evidence of their determination was the formation that had been formed to gain access to the compound.

With an audience ready to applaud, It was very easy for Harry Styles to be successful. After a wait and some introductory audio-visuals entertained by the band Wet Leg, the former member of boy band One Direction came on stage, raised his tattooed hand and gave a thousand to the attendees in general and each person in particular. Gave Watt’s smile. , He was the entertainer for Super Girls Night, The most memorable pajama party, The funniest girl party in the world. The percentage of cicchetero men present in the compound was small: they were elsewhere, possibly more boring More than the 50,000-plus voices who sang all the songs of the concert from first to last.

this and that which will happen next July 14 at Mad Cool Space in Madrid These are two stops in Spain on Styles’ Love On Tour, following his trip in 2018. The majority of the set is composed of songs from their latest album Harry House (2022), The third from his solo career and winner of multiple Grammy Awards. But beyond the official accolades, displays of the album’s success have been ubiquitous. as it was The song which has been playing nonstop on radio, television and dance floors around the world since its release. In fact, he broke the Guinness record for having Most Played on Spotify in the first 24 hours stage presence. Formula? Well-crafted synths over a playful pop melody and the lyrics are confessional enough to move but not so catchy. Like a special sour strawberry glue for making balloons.

Of course, the subject wasn’t missing from the show – it would have been cruel and even suicidal – but it was long overdue. started the session with Daydreamingcontinued – “One, two, three, Barcelona!” Gold and hit the ceiling with macrocoreda love you. When he sang the famous verses of the chorus and screamed: “I’ll walk through fire for you / Just let me worship you”, a classic declaration of toxic-romantic love that goes on, hearts pounded. By now, Styles had run across the stage with hip slams and after that mischievous outburst, the Brit continued with the intensity. keep driving And Stockholm Syndrome (one of two One Direction songs they saved together what makes you beautiful) before diving in Ballad Block. among others, he voiced HeCritical matilda with various members of his band on vocals and Satellite For Resume march, which suits them.

styles spend Charisma with a toothpaste ad smile, fabulous hair and carefree dancing. Wearing his friend Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, his aesthetic oscillates between a lighter, gentler version of Marky Marc and his Stratton-era Bowie with colorful sequins and glitter. It also borrows from its British predecessor A pinch of androgynous, suitable for all audiences Even the most conservative.

The much-awaited interaction with the attendees was one of the highlights of the evening. Many people had prepared banners and some lucky ones managed to catch their attention. A girl dressed in a strawberry costume manages to tell him her grade results. To no one’s surprise, he passed, even though he nearly suffered a nervous breakdown. There was no dearth of congratulations to the birthday girls who raised the posters. And although objects fell on the stage, this time they did not have the same damaging effect as last week in Hamburg. This was not the first time that something like this had happened to him, but this habit does not reduce the pain.

The last step was the sequence of hymns As Music for Sushi Restaurant, GrapeJuice one of two watermelon sugar Which pushed the throat to the extreme. ballad fine line, Which gives its second album its name, kicks off the first part with Extra Balls: Sign of the times, as it were, Kiwi, Possibly the most aggressive, dirty song and a far cry from the musician’s own fruity pop. fireworks to say goodbye To the tired and satisfied group of fans who left a trail of colorful feathers when they returned home: confetti after the party.

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