Harry Styles will read you a bedtime story tonight

If you’ve made plans tonight, cancel them. Because Harry Styles is going to read you a bedtime story.

The 28-year-old joins a list of celebrities who have appeared on the CBeebies series, and before his story airs tonight, the kids’ channel has given us our first look at his pajamas.

With a pair of brown and blue polka dot pajamas, Styles proves once again that her fashion outfits have no limits. Wearing yellow nail polish, a beaded necklace, and chunky rings, the singer sits cross-legged on a sun-colored couch that has us swooning before he even utters a word.

Styles’ will read Jess Hitchman’s “In Every House, On Every Street,” illustrated by Lili la Baleine. The story is described as a “heartwarming celebration of homes and the different families that live in them”. He will introduce the story saying: “Tonight’s bedtime story is about a house full of love and laughter”. Fans took to social media, describing her look as a “dream come true,” with others joking that this is more of a treat for moms than kids.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories has become a British phenomenon and Styles follows other iconic stars who have shown their sensitive side.

Catch Harry Styles in Bedtime Stories on CBeebies at 6:50pm on May 24 and on BBC iPlayer.

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