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The Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a decree introducing the import and export ban of some products and raw materials. The provision will remain in force until December 31, 2022 and will only concern imports and exports with some countries, which will be disclosed by the Russian government. The ban will be “on exports outside the Russian Federation and / or imports into the Russian Federation of products and / or raw materials according to the lists prepared by the Russian government”. To shake are obviously the “hostile countries” already included in the black list of the Kremlin more commercially linked with Russia. Among these, Italy, leader in exports in the fashion and luxury furniture sector.

There Russia is therefore organizing itself to respond to the sanctions adopted by Europe and the West in general against it, after Putin ordered the invasion of theUkraine. The war has been going on for thirteen days and for now no diplomatic solutions are in sight, despite the fact that Israel (which has excellent relations with both parties involved in the conflict) and China are also taking the field, more or less timidly.

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But what retaliation does Italy risk from Russia? Our country has entered the black list of Moscow, or rather that of the “hostiles”. First of all, the Russian authorities could withdraw visas from foreigners or apply the new information rules to them that provide for very high fines and even arrest for those accused by local authorities of spreading false news. For this reason, the Farnesina has repeatedly ordered the urgent return to their homeland of the Italians who are in Russia.

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Another chapter concerns the companies of the countries present in the black list: their credits can only be repaid in rubles, the Russian currency which has already devalued by 45% against the euro and which will continue to decline more and more given the situation. . In practice, on the financial level, Russia is already in default of the entities towards their creditors.

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