Haryana Police took steps for the safety of women. Chandigarh news

Times News NetworkChandigarh: DGP Shatrujit Kapoor on Saturday said Haryana Police has taken several steps to strengthen the safety of women and empower them in daily life. He said that the police have prepared a plan for gender sensitization programmes. These will include visits to schools, colleges and other educational institutions across the state by trained women personnel. Kapoor said, the initiative aims to raise awareness about gender-based issues and promote a safe and inclusive environment for all. In addition to these efforts, the team will maintain regular contact with women in educational institutions, providing them a safe and supportive space to share their concerns without hesitation.
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Operation Jagriti launched in Firozabad to improve women safety

Operation Jagriti was launched in Firozabad to raise awareness about women’s rights and crimes against them. Organized by the Additional Director General of Police, Agra Zone, the program aims to provide counseling and referral facilities for victims of crimes against women. It aims to educate young girls and women about their rights, cyber violence, sexual exploitation and POCSO Act. The initiative aims to promote dialogue about women’s rights and improve their safety by communicating with women and girls in villages in the Agra region. ,

Toxic air a matter of concern for pregnant women, newborns

Due to deteriorating air quality, pregnant women are facing difficulty in breathing and newborn babies are in danger. Toxic air affects lung development in newborn babies and can lead to lung problems in future. Hormonal changes in pregnant women affect lung capacity, making them more likely to suffer from breathlessness. Pregnant women are advised to avoid exercising indoors and use face masks when going out. Poor air quality can result in low birth weight, premature delivery and various health problems for newborns. Additionally, air pollution has been linked to cognitive decline, obesity, and high blood pressure in children and adolescents.

Empowering Lives: Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’ Remarkable Psoriasis Awareness Initiative

Leading pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories unveiled Asia’s largest psoriasis ribbon on World Psoriasis Day as part of its “We for Psoriasis” campaign. The 1.2 km ribbon represents solidarity and support for psoriasis sufferers and aims to raise awareness of the condition. The ribbon, which broke a record and was recognized by the Asia Book of Records, was made using sustainable practices. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories also donated the contents of the ribbon to a non-profit organization. The campaign promotes acceptance and understanding of psoriasis, emphasizing that it is treatable and not contagious.

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